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Day One — March 29, 2017 Afternoon



Keynote: Silicon Valley Meets Food: How Technology is Changing the Food Business

• What will be the impact of new leadership on food and climate related policy?
• Appetite for innovation: what consumers are demanding and why
• The mega trends set to disrupt the global food system
• Trends in the disruptive spending power of millennials and beyond: what will future generations be demanding from food?

Margaret Dohnalek, Global Head of Technology Scouting, PepsiCo

Keynote Investor Debate: Opportunities in Food-Tech Investment

• Separating hype and reality: could food-tech become the new clean-tech?
• Next generation trends and technologies: hot investments and growth for the future
• What can be learned from other sectors’ disruptive brands such as Uber and how they changed consumer buying habits?
• Why are big meat companies investing in meat-free alternative? What impact will this have on product development and uptake?

Session Chair:
TK Pillan, Partner, Powerplant Ventures

Chris Mallett, Corporate Vice President, Research & Development, Cargill
Vishal Vasishth, Co-Founder, Obvious Ventures
Lisa Feria, Chief Executive Officer, Stray Dog Capital
Aki Georgacacos, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Avrio Capital
Swati Mylavarapu, Partner, Incite Ventures

What Does the Move of Big Tech into the Food Space Mean for Revolutionary Hardware Innovation?

• What will be the impact of investment and innovation in food by global technology giants?
• The Internet of Things: what are the risks of device interconnectivity and what does it have the scope to achieve?
• What does the kitchen of the future look like and what is its capacity transform the consumer experience and the food industry?
• Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and food: viable business opportunity?

Session Chair:
Spencer Maughan, Partner, Finistere Ventures

Kevin Brown, CEO & Co-Founder, Innit
Bob Sutor, VP – Cognitive, Blockchain, and Quantum Solutions, IBM

Virtual / Augmented Reality and Food: Progress and Future Opportunity

Jinsoo An, Founder, Kokiri Lab

Networking Drinks Reception


Day Two — March 30, 2017 Morning



Industry Insights: Investing in Innovation

• Insights into the global food market: International consumer trends shaping the future of food
• The role of VC investment and partnership in accelerating new product development whilst retaining focus on core product lines and brands

Mary Kay James, Vice President and General Manager, Tyson New Ventures

Keeping the Value in Values-Based Food Brands

• The food technology revolution is critical to the future of sustainability as well as access to healthy food choices for everyone. But there might be a snag in the movement – consumers are uneasy with the idea of “science in their food.” After all, doesn’t the prevailing wisdom suggest it’s best to grow, raise and eat food like “our grandparents’ generation”?
• How can food tech brands and new food production initiatives avoid the traps of consumers’ fearing science in their food?
• How can emerging brands plan for growth in ways that won’t derail success – because with scale comes more scrutiny and more chances for missteps.

Melissa Kinch, Partner & Ketchum West Office Director, Ketchum

Creating Consumer Demand for Healthier and More Sustainable Ingredients

• Understanding the role of retailers, food service companies and the media in boosting consumer demand for innovative products and technologies
• How can we harness millennials’ emotional connection to food to promote prioritisation of health and sustainability?
• Addressing the mismatch between consumer demand for natural products and scientific advances in cellular agriculture
• How is technology being used to change consumer behaviour and create a pull towards healthier food choices?
• To what extent are consumer appetites in the Western world being influenced by those of the East?

Session Chair:
Arif Fazal, Founder and Managing Director, Blueberry Ventures

Minh Tsai, Founder, Hodo Soy Beanery
Josh Balk, Vice President, Farm Animal Protection, The Humane Society of the U.S. and Founder, Hampton Creek
Jonathan Wolfson, Co-Founder,TerraVia
Brad Greenway, Chairman, U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance

Challenges, Developments and Investment in Cellular Agriculture

• Do consumers really want non-meat burgers that bleed? What is the likelihood of widespread adoption and production of cultured meat?
• Better buying: harnessing the purchasing power of food service companies and retailers
• The business benefits of fermentation: how yield and profit will increase over time to disrupt current manufacturing cycles
• Commercial viability and financial return: Effecting change at scale and anticipating the timeline from lab to plate
• Is there sufficient investment in the education and training of scientists to sustain development in the field?

Session Chair:
Michael Pellman Rowland, Contributor, Forbes Magazine

Joseph Puglisi, Professor, Department of Structural Biology and Director, Stanford Magnetic Resonance Laboratory, Stanford University
Ron Shigeta, Partner and Chief Science Officer, Indie Bio
Tim Geistlinger, Chief Technology Officer, Perfect Day
Gilonne d’Origny, Senior Advisor, OneBridge

Networking Coffee Break


Will Plant and Algae-Based Protein Consumption Overtake Animal-Based Foods?

• What’s new in plant-based protein? Industry innovation and disruption
• How far away are we from realistic scaling of algae-based proteins production? Work yet to be done
• Nutrition and bioavailability: limits and opportunities in incomplete plant-based proteins
• What role can food service and retail play in encouraging consumers to make healthier, plant-based choices?
• What will be the long-term impact of plant-based protein development on water and energy supplies? Is this really the sustainable solution?
• Will consumers ever turn their backs on animal-based products and would supply match demand if they did?

Session Chair:
Bernhard van Lengerich, former Chief Science Officer, General Mills

Dariush Ajami, Director of Research and Discovery, Beyond Meat
Nick Halla, Chief Strategy Officer, Impossible Foods
Adam Lowry, Co-Founder, Ripple Foods
Bruce Friedrich, Executive Director, The Good Food Institute

Day Two — March 30, 2017 Afternoon

Protein Technology Showcase – Early-Mid Stage Technology Entrepreneurs Present 7 Minute Snapshots of their Solutions

Session Chair:
Victor Friedberg, Co-Founder & Managing Director, S2G Ventures

Presenting Companies:
Uma Valeti, CEO and Co-Founder, Memphis Meats
Larry Feinberg, CEO, KnipBio
Alexander Lorestani, CEO and Co-Founder, Geltor
Benny Shoham, CEO, Green Onyx

Networking Lunch Break


The Future of Food Safety: A Food Brand Perspective

• Risk management and reduction: Chipotle’s approach
• Who to involve and how to build a food safety team
• How far can technology go to guarantee food safety throughout the global supply chain?
• What risks are to be expected when importing foods and how can they be mitigated?

Arturo Tanus, Food Safety Manager, Produce, Chipotle Mexican Grill
Dean Wiltse, CEO, FoodLogiQ

Monetizing the Microbiome: Challenges and Opportunities for Food and Health

• What might improved understanding of the human microbiome mean for diagnostic technology, product development and human health in 25-30 years’ time?
• How much can be achieved within current regulatory restrictions and consumer comprehension
• How ‘personalized’ can nutrition really become? What can we expect from microbiome research, technological developments and their impact on individual human health?
• Emerging technology available to translate health data into actionable information on individuals’ microbiomes
• Scientific developments and investment opportunities in probiotic supplements

Bruce German, Director, Foods for Health Institute, Department of Food Science and Technology, University of California, Davis
Miguel Freitas, Vice President of Health Affairs, Dannon
Ganesh Kishore, Managing Partner, Spruce Capital Partners
David Kyle, CEO, Evolve Biosystems

Innovative Ingredients in Food and Health: Personalizing Nutrition

• Investment opportunities at the intersection between food and health
• Building a bridge between food and medicine: How do we get healthcare communities to think about food and vice versa?
• What emerging functional foods and ingredients are set to disrupt the marketplace?
• Technology’s role in supporting people to make healthier choices
• For richer, for poorer: what is the scope for advanced, novel healthy foods making it into mainstream consumption amongst lower income families?
• How can food service and retail influence consumer demand and uptake of functional foods and healthier ingredients?
• What might nutritional intervention in health mean for health in the long term? Is prevention better than the cure?

Session Chair:
Greg McParland, Senior Investment Manager, DSM Venturing USA

Mark Matlock, Senior Vice President, Research, Archer Daniels Midland
Joshua Anthony, Vice President of R&D for Global Nutrition, Campbell Soup Company
Alexis Fox, Chief Empowerment Officer, Lighter
Maisie Ganzler, Chief Strategy and Brand Officer, Bon Appétit Management Company

Networking Coffee Break


Technology Showcase: Early-Mid Stage Technology Entrepreneurs Present 7 Minute Snapshots of their Solutions

Session Chair:
Victor Friedberg, Co-Founder & Managing Director, S2G Ventures

Presenting Companies:
David Medin, CEO, SnapDNA
Michael Koeris, Founder, Sample 6
Boaz Noy, CEO, NextFerm
Antoine Hubert, CEO, Ynsect

Global Models for Accelerating Innovation to Market

• What models are most effective for commercializing food technologies?
• How can hubs and clusters best engage with the industry?
• What role can cross-sector Open Innovation play?
• What can be learned from how accelerators operate in other regions?

Session Chair:
Andrew Ive, Managing Director, Food-X

Joseph Lake, Manager Global Sciences – NEXT Innovation Program and Measurement Systems, McCain Foods
Stephanie Naegeli, Digital Innovation Manager, Nestle
Jonathan Berger, CEO, The Kitchen
Kevin Camphuis, Co-Founder, ShakeUp Factory

Closing Investor Debate: Identifying the Most Exciting Trends and Opportunities for the Future

• Building an industry that is fit for the future: key barriers to growth
• How long will the alternative protein trend last? Does technology have the potential to solve the protein problem?
• Market needs and drivers: What investors are looking for and where they’ll be investing next, next year and beyond

Session Chair:
Paul Matteucci, General Partner, US Venture Partners

Ephraim Lindenbaum, Founder and Managing Director, Advance Ventures
Dan Phillips, Managing Director, Cultivian Sandbox Food & Agriculture Fund
Rosemary Ripley, Managing Director, NGEN Partners
Lila Preston, Partner, Generation Investment Management
Gabriel Kra, Managing Director, Prelude Ventures

Summit Concludes


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