A List of Food Tech Startups That Defined 2018 Trends and What to Expect in 2019

Remi Schmaltz, CEO of Decisive Farming shares his insights on the food-tech startup sector.

“As the sun sets on food tech in 2018 and the dawn of a new year arrives, what can be said about 2018 and what can be expected of 2019? A diverse number of food tech innovations were developed and used by an equally diverse set of generations, dominated the agricultural industry in 2018. A wide range of preferences, including the aging Baby Boomers and spreading into the next set of consumers, Generation Z, means evolving changes in the market. Taking the time to review what came to pass and what the future may hold within the food and agriculture sector helps to set the tone for the New Year.”

Read full article, published on AgFunder News 8 January 2019:  www.agfundernews.com/a-list-of-food-tech-startups-that-defined-2018-trends-and-what-to-expect-in-2019.html

The piece reviews key developments and spotlights these start-ups: TIPA, US Bioplastics, Eco-Products, LocalizeYourFood, PlentyIndigo AgricultureMidwestern BioAgFarmobile, Agrimatics, AgriChain (formerly BlockGrain), Ripe.io, FoodLogiQHummingbird Technologies, MNUBO, The Yield,  Enterra Feed and Geovisual Analytics

About the Author: Remi Schmaltz is CEO of Decisive Farming, a Canadian software program for farms offering precision agronomics, data management, crop marketing, and telematics services. He has extensive agriculture knowledge after taking over his family’s ag retail company Dynagra Corp with his brother where he started incubating new technologies in farming resulting in the launch of Decisive Farming in 2011.