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2019 Agenda

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Pre-Summit – March 20, 2019
17.30 – 19.30
Welcome Drinks and AgFunder Innovation Awards

Join us for welcome drinks and networking, featuring the AgFunder Innovation Awards to recognize the innovators and entrepreneurs driving the agri-food tech industry forward.

They celebrate excellence in three sectors: Farm Tech, Supply Chain Tech, and Food-Tech, plus the Most Valuable Agri-Food Tech Accelerator Program. Open to all registered delegates, collect your summit badge on arrival.

Day One — March 21, 2019 Morning

Breakfast Briefing: Accelerating Innovation in Plant-Based Proteins and Digestive Wellness

Hosted by:

– What are the proven health benefits of a plant-based diet? What new product developments are we seeing in the space to increase access to great tasting products?
– Where are we seeing the most success in impacting the human gut microbiome through nutrition? What format and ingredients are showing the most promising results? Where are we in terms of consumer adoption?
– What is the role of Corporate Venture funds in supporting the growth of disruptive tech entrepreneurs? What can they bring to the market that is currently missing from general VCs?
– How can start-ups best benefit from partnering with global food brands? What models are allowing for both parties to grow and learn from each other?

Session Chair:
Jennie Moss, Managing Director, RETHINK EVENTS
D’Anne Hayman, VP of Global Innovation R&D and Nutrition, KELLOGG COMPANY
Melissa Cash, Head of Global Marketing, MORNINGSTAR FARMS

Welcome Remarks from Rethink Events
Keynote Address: Building a Food System Fit for the Final Frontier

Space food needs to have a multi-year shelf stability with low resource needs and minimal time commitment. So, what’s on the menu for astronauts? What are the challenges and technological solutions needed to develop a safe, nutritious, and palatable food diet for long duration missions?
Grace Douglas, Lead Scientist, Advanced Food Technology, NASA JOHNSON SPACE CENTER

Accelerating Innovation: Are we Reacting Quickly Enough and Collaborating at a Rate that can Truly Transform the Industry?

– What are the greatest challenges facing the food industry today? What is the role of technology in meeting these needs?
– How have R&D approaches evolved over the years to meet the growing demand for nutritious, affordable and convenient foods?
– What are the most successful models for transformative collaboration within the food-tech space? Have new partnerships made the sector more agile and how can we take this to the next level?
– What open innovation programs are being successfully pioneered by some of the big food brands? What are the critical success factors?
Session Chair:
Dan Phillips, Managing Director, CULTIVIAN SANBOX VENTURES
Giovanni Battistini, SVP of Open Innovation, FERRERO
Ashlee Adams, Head of Open Innovation, NESTLE
Kyle Walker, Head of New Business Strategy, AMAZON LAUNCHPAD
Brigette Wolf, Head of SnackFutures Innovation, MONDELĒZ INTERNATIONAL
Scott May, Head of MISTA, GIVAUDAN

Transformative Acquisitions: Disrupting the CPG Landscape with Entrepreneurial Spirit

– What can we learn from RXBAR in building and scaling a $600 million clean label product, while maintaining its unique proposition within a global enterprise?
– What are the critical success factors for both the start-up and the CPG?
– How can we successfully inject entrepreneurial thinking and mindset into CPGs? Are entrepreneurs the true disruptors of the food sector?
Peter Rahal, Founder, RXBAR

Networking Coffee Break
Personalized Nutrition: How Do We Move from Tailored Diets for a Niche Market to Becoming a Fundamental Part of Public Health and Diet?

– What does the science tell us and how far have we come in monetizing innovation and disruption in the personalized nutrition space? Have we reached a tipping point?
– The microbiome, digital health, DNA and blood testing are all potential gamechangers, but where should we expect to be in the next five years with these technologies?
– How do we take personalized nutrition and make it fit within a CPG model? Does it lend itself to scale?
– To what extent do we need to optimize our manufacturing capabilities to make them nimble and agile enough to respond quickly to tailored diets?
Session Chair:
Greg McParland, Senior Investment Manager, DSM VENTURING
Shirley Wu, Director, Health Product, 23ANDME
Allison Kuhn, Director of Retail Nutrition, KROGER HEALTH
Jonathan Middis, Chief Technical Officer, TAMU GROUP
Seth Bannon, Founding Partner, FIFTY YEARS

American Gut Project: Advancing the Science and Understanding of the Human Microbiome, Diet and Health

Assessing the progress that has been made in understanding the relationship between the science of the microbiome and food, the challenges ahead, and the collaboration needed to improve our understanding and accelerate adoption and deployment of solutions.
Sandrine Miller-Montgomery, Executive Director, Center for Microbiome Innovation, UC SAN DIEGO JACOBS SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING

Technology Showcase: Early-Mid Stage Technology Entrepreneurs Present 7 Minute Snapshots of their Solutions

Eran Blachinsky, CEO, BETTER JUICE
Tom Simmons, Founder & CEO, STEM
Diederik Brasser, Founding Partner, MILKWAYS
Rudi Dieleman, Co-Founder, PECTCOF

Shark Panel:
Jonathan Berger, CEO, THE KITCHEN
Alexander Hoffmann, Principal, New Businesses, M VENTURES
Shally Shanker, Founder & Managing Partner, AIIM PARTNERS

Day One — March 21, 2019 Afternoon

Networking Lunch
Cementing the Position of Plant-Based Proteins: What Does the Future Hold?

– Flexitarian, reducetarian…with a fundamental shift in consumer attitudes and behavior, how are food brands and retailers diversifying their product lines and portfolios to meet new consumer segments?
– From oats and legumes to fungi and algae, what novel plant-protein ingredients are emerging? Which ingredients tick all the boxes in terms of taste, texture and sustainable production?
– What can we from learn from innovative start-ups who have achieved mass market penetration? Key milestones and roadmap to success.
– How can we achieve scalable growth? What will it take to get to this point?
Session Chair:
Dan Altschuler Malek, Senior Venture Partner, NEW CROP CAPITAL
Jitendra Sagili, Vice-President, Research, Development & Technology, MAPLE LEAF FOODS
Adam Lowry, Co-founder & Co-CEO, RIPPLE FOODS
Takoua Debeche, Executive VP, Research & Innovation, DANONE NORTH AMERICA
Pascal Leroy, VP Peas & New Proteins Line, ROQUETTE
Miguel Calatayud, CEO, IWI

Technology Showcase: Early-Mid Stage Technology Entrepreneurs Present 7 Minute Snapshots of their Solutions

Pasi Vainikka, Co-Founder & CEO, SOLAR FOODS
Julian Melchiorri, Founder & CEO, ARBOREA
Christie Lagally, Founder & CEO, SEATTLE FOOD TECH
Shark Panel:
Jonathan Berger, CEO, THE KITCHEN
Alexander Hoffmann, Principal, New Businesses, M VENTURES
Shally Shanker, Founder & Managing Partner, AIIM PARTNERS

Roundtable Discussion Groups

One of the most interactive sessions of the program. The roundtable discussion groups are hosted by an industry expert and offer you a valuable opportunity to network, brainstorm solutions and share ideas with your peers on similar topics and issues.
Roundtable discussion groups take place in the main auditorium and are free for delegates to attend.
Choose your topic on the day – no need to register.

  • 1. Clean Meat: What are the obstacles ahead and how can we overcome the next set of challenges and propel these meat innovations to the next level? – Host: Bruce Friedrich, Co-Founder & Executive Director, THE GOOD FOOD INSTITUTE
  • 2. Disruptive Innovation: From an investor perspective, where do we need to see new thinking and innovation? What’s needed to take current technologies to the next level? – Host: Lauren Loktev, Partner, COLLABORATIVE FUND
  • 3. Accelerating Scale: Is there a secret recipe for designing and scaling innovation? What are the milestones and key metrics of success? – Host: Adam Lowry, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, RIPPLE FOODS
  • 4. Investment Partners: Investment Partners: What is the right type of investor to grow your company? How can startups access capital? – Host: Rosie Wardle, Programme Director, JEREMY COLLER FOUNDATION
  • 5. Shelf Life Stability: How can we leverage technology and innovation to improve the quality of shelf stable products? – Host: Grace Douglas, Lead Scientist, Advanced Food Technology, NASA JOHNSON SPACE AGENCY
  • 6. Food Tribes: How are food tribes driving new trends and products and why do they represent a highly influential market segment?- Host: Brian Loeb, Investor, CONTINENTAL GRAIN
  • 7. Food as Medicine: How big is the market opportunity and where should we expect to see breakthroughs in this space? – Host: Gareth Asten, Managing Partner, ACRE
  • 8. Food & Health: How are food companies enhancing the wellness profile of food and bringing better-for-you foods to market? – Host: Takoua Debeche, Executive VP, Research & Innovation, DANONE NORTH AMERICA
  • 9. Synthetic Biology: How is synthetic biology impacting on today’s food system and what should we expect in the future? Will it ever be mainstream? – Host: Alexander Hoffmann, Principal, New Businesses, M VENTURES
  • 10. Consumer Trends: What areas of innovation, research and technology are leading CPG brands watching closely in response to changing consumer trends? – Host: Giovanni Battistini, SVP of Open Innovation, FERRERO
  • 11. Supply Chain Food Waste: What technologies are proving to be most effective for tackling food waste in the supply chain? – Host: Alexandria Coari, Director, Capital & Innovation, REFED
  • 12. Food Spoilage in Transit: By providing new technological tools to keep food fresh longer, how we can address the challenge of sustainability and open doors to new markets? – Host: Nina Waldhauer, Domain Builder Fight Food Waste, MAERSK GROWTH
  • 13. Plant-Based Innovation: What new innovative ingredients and products are we seeing emerge? Where do we need to see further innovation in processing techniques to maximize nutrition and sustainability? – Host: Daniel Gluck, Partner, POWERPLANT VENTURES
  • 14. Accessing India: What is the size of food-tech opportunity and why is the Indian market ripe for disruption? – Host: Mark Kahn, Managing Partner, OMNIVORE
  • 15. Corporate Innovation: How can food companies maintain a start-up culture and entrepreneurial mindset? – Host: Varun Khanna, R&D Innovation Director, CHOBANI
  • 16. Exits and Acquisitions: What are the best exit strategies for start-ups and investors and how do we prepare effectively for this? – Host: Dan Phillips, Managing Director, CULTIVIAN SANDBOX VENTURES
  • 17. Innovating with Fibre: How can added fibre create healthier products for the consumer and improve gut health? – Co-Hosts: Jonathan Middis, Chief Technical Officer, Daniel So, Microbiome Based Dietician, TAMU GROUP
  • 18. Alternatives to Seafood: What are the sustainability concerns driving seafood alternatives and where is innovation needed in terms of formulation, ingredients, manufacturing, supply chain and delivery? – Host: Shally Shanker, Founder & Managing Partner, AIIM PARTNERS
  • 19. The New China Opportunity: How can foreign companies position themselves for success, whether selling into China, sourcing from China, or adapting Chinese innovations to their own home markets? – Host: Daniel Hsu, Vice President, BITS X BITES
  • 20. Open Innovation: What collaborative models work most effectively and what does a successful partnership look like for both the start-up and the corporate? – Host: Peter Haring, Ecosystem Director, UNILEVER
  • 21. Quantum Food: From soil fertilization to food design and optimization in distribution, is quantum computing the next big thing in food-tech? – Host: Peter Kruger, CEO & Managing Director, STARTUPBOOTCAMP FOODTECH
  • 22. Plant Based Ingredients: Can we accelerate the development of plant-based/nature driven ingredients through Open Innovation? What are the benefits? What are the challenges? – Host: Rahul Shinde, Global Director, Open Innovation, NATUREX
  • 23. Food as Medicine: What technological and scientific breakthroughs are paving the way? – Host: Sofia Elizondo, BRIGHTSEED
Networking Coffee Break
PureCircle: The Future of Zero Calorie Sweeteners and Innovation in the Food and Beverage Industry

– Why are food and beverage companies increasingly turning to zero calorie sweetening solutions?
– What are the important recent innovations in sweeteners?
– What does the future of zero-calorie sweeteners look like?
– How is PureCircle’s innovation leading the market for stevia?
Maga Malsagov, CEO, PURECIRCLE

Building the Food System of the Future through Next-Generation Products

– From flavor manipulation to improving shelf-life and tackling food allergies, the potential for biotechnology to bolster food security and address a range of food-related challenges is immense. Who is successfully paving the way for the next generation of innovative food products?
– What role can enzyme technology play in creating more sustainable and nutritious foods?
– What are the potential pathways for bringing synthetic and genetically engineered foods to market? What does a successful collaboration look like and who are the key stakeholders that we need to engage?
– What transformative breakthroughs have we seen with gene editing? What will the food system of the future look like in the next 5-10 years?
Session Chair:
Howard-Yana Shapiro, Chief Agricultural Officer, MARS
Jennifer Armen, Vice President, OKANAGAN SPECIALTY FRUITS
Patrick Brown, Founder & CEO, IMPOSSIBLE FOODS
John Purcell, Head of Vegetable Seeds R&D, BAYER, CROP SCIENCE DIVISION
Dan Voytas, Chief Science Officer, CALYXT
Soren Lund, Head of Strategic Growth, Food & Beverage, North America, NOVOZYMES

Avoiding a Tech Bubble: The Role of VCs in Shaping a Scalable and Sustainable Food-Tech System Globally

– According to the PitchBook Platform, VC investors had poured more than $1.3 billion into the industry by May 2018, compared to about $1.5 billion total in both 2016 and 2017. Where has this level of investment made the most impact and are we in danger of overvaluing/oversaturating the food-tech sector?
– What have been the most successful scale up and exit strategies for start-ups and investors?
– How can we overcome barriers of scale and adoption?
– What are the next set of challenges that need to be solved by the food sector? What are the untapped opportunities and un-invented technologies?
Session Chair:
Alexandria Coari, Director, Capital & Innovation, REFED
Costa Yiannoulis, Investment Director, CPT CAPITAL
Arvind Gupta, Founder, INDIEBIO
Gabriel Kra, Managing Director, PRELUDE VENTURES
Adam Bergman, Head of AgTech & FoodTech Investment Banking Practice, WELLS FARGO

Closing Remarks & Networking Reception

Hosted by:

Day Two — March 22, 2019 Morning

Breakfast Briefing – By Invitation Only

Hosted by

Welcome Remarks from Rethink Events
AI and Consumer Intelligence: What to Expect in the On-Demand Economy?

– How, when and what are consumers consuming? How are disruptive startups tackling the last mile and transforming the way goods are moved around the world?
– How can AI facilitate a more personalized consumer experience and help retailers, restaurants and food brands react to trends faster and meet changing consumer demands?
Bastian Lehmann, Co-founder and CEO, POSTMATES

From Online to Omnichannel: Challenging the Status Quo

– What innovative business models are reshaping distribution?
– How can start-ups learn from the CPG giants?
– How can we use a “innovate and test” model to move from a singular online product to mainstream platform brand?
– How can start-ups move from online to bricks-and-mortar and what are the benefits to such an unconventional approach?
Bryan Crowley, CEO, SOYLENT

Accelerating Growth and Time to Market through AI and Automation

– With seismic shifts in consumer priorities and changing sales channels, how can food and beverage companies stay competitive?
– A McKinsey survey report highlights that food and beverage companies fail 75 percent of the time when bringing new products to market, how can businesses solve this problem and compensate for such poor success rates?
– The supply chain is larger and more complex than ever, how do manufacturers and brand owners immediately find what they need to build their products faster and automate the rest?
– How can food and beverage companies connect stakeholders, streamline workflows and scale the business without adding resources?

Technology Showcase: Early-Mid Stage Technology Entrepreneurs Present 7 Minute Snapshots of their Solutions

Daan Luining, CTO, MEATABLE
Kishan Vasani, CEO, SPOONSHOT
Eitan Fischer, CEO & Co-Founder, MISSION BARNS
Will Patrick, Co-Founder & CEO, CULTURE BIOSCIENCES

Shark Panel:
Jonathan Berger, CEO, THE KITCHEN
Shally Shanker, Founder & Managing Partner, AIIM PARTNERS
Peter Haring, Ecosystem Director, UNILEVER

Networking Coffee Break
Regulatory Perspective: Facilitating Industry Innovation towards Healthier Foods that Consumers Want

An update from the FDA on its Nutrition Innovation Strategy which takes a fresh look at what can be done to reduce preventable death and disease through improved diet and nutrition. The FDA will provide an update on key elements of this strategy including health claims, making ingredient information more consumer friendly, and requirements related to the content and production of certain food products.
Susan Mayne, Director, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, FDA

What does Healthy Really Mean? New Ingredients and Innovations Redefining the Great-Tasting Foods of the Future

– How are food brands and companies innovating to deliver “better-for-you” and nutritious, healthier foods? What role does biotech play?
– What are the latest innovations in reducing sugar, sodium and artificial colors and flavoring? What is the role of flavor houses and ingredient suppliers in this process? What’s the long-term impact on snacks?
– How can new ingredients from biotech, especially fermented proteins, help food developers make exciting new products that need consumer needs, are sustainable, and available for mass channels?
– Is consumer demand for natural, sustainable foods in conflict with the new, innovative foods being produced from cutting-edge companies and new breeding techniques?
Session Chair:
Lauren Loktev, Partner, COLLABORATIVE FUND
Christine Cioffe, SVP, GLobal Snacks R&D, PEPSICO
Beth Warren, Chief Commercial Officer, EDLONG CORPORATION

The Intersection of Food, Health and Medicine: Utilizing Fortified and Functional Ingredients to Target Chronic Illness and Medical Conditions

– Where are we seeing the greatest success in enhancing the wellness and health benefits of foods while delivering on taste and texture? What new ingredients are emerging?
– What are the regulatory, clinical and labelling aspects that need to be taken into account when developing functional and fortified foods? Is there a clearly defined route to market?
– What advancements have been made in developing foods that target intolerances and positively impact on illness and disease management? How have our health needs evolved over the years?
– Which demographics are best placed to benefit from the nexus of food, health and medicine?
Session Chair:
Nikky Contractor, Vice President, R&D and Regulatory, METAGENICS
Sofia Elizondo, Co-founder and COO, BRIGHTSEED
Andrew Kirkwood, OIpen Innovation Manager, SUNTORY BEVERAGE AND FOOD EUROPE
Gareth Asten, Managing Partner, ACRE
Harold Schmitz, Partner, THE MARCH FUND

Day Two — March 22, 2019 Afternoon

Networking Lunch
Blockchain: Building Trust, Traceability and Transparency in the Supply Chain

Suzanne Livingston, IBM Food Trust Offering Director, IBM

Digitization: Achieving Sustainability Goals by Lowering Waste and Energy Consumption through “Smart Partnerships”

– With the global food sector facing increased environmental and economic pressures, how can we create successful partnerships that combine both technological and supply chain know-how?
– How is digitization addressing some of the biggest challenges facing the industry and bringing beneficial changes across the value chain?
– What are the obstacles that the sector needs to overcome to make it mainstream?
Stuart Bashford, Digital Officer, BÜHLER

Commercializing Cellular Agriculture: Identifying the Right Business Models and Collaboration Opportunities

– Cellular or Acellular, B2B vs B2C: how are early-stage cellular agriculture companies navigating product development and what routes to market are proving to be the most successful?
– Where are the opportunities for new entrants e.g. life sciences, biomedical?
– How is the regulatory landscape evolving and what does it mean for investors and innovators?
– How can we leverage industry partners and existing infrastructure/manufacturing capabilities and expertise to drive down the price point and scale cell production?
– How are active investors accelerating the transition to clean meat?
Session Chair:
Bruce Friedrich, Co-Founder & Executive Director, THE GOOD FOOD INSTITUTE
Arturo Elizondo, CEO, CLARA FOODS
Deepti Kulkarni, Partner, SIDLEY AUSTIN
Roger Lienhard, CEO & Founder, BLUE HORIZON
Eric Schulze, VP of Product & Regulation, MEMPHIS MEATS

Corporate Venture Capital: Accelerating Growth, New Exit Opportunities and Trends Gaining Traction

– What key trends and areas of innovation are corporate venture arms watching closely? Where we will see the next wave of investment?
– How can start-ups engage with corporate venture capitalists to accelerate growth and scale? What advice would you give to entrepreneurs looking to partner with you?
– How have corporate venture arms opened up new exit opportunities and strengthened the food ecosystem?
– What is the investment thesis of forward-thinking corporate venture arms? Is it financial or strategic and what can we learn from some of the most successful acquisitions or investments in the food-tech space? Have we got the right recipe for success?
Session Chair:
Daniel Gluck, Partner, POWERPLANT VENTURES
William Pescatello, Managing Director, EVOLV VENTURES
Tom Mastrobuoni, Chief Financial Officer, TYSON VENTURES
Darren Streiler, Investment Director, ADM VENTURES
Eric Homan, Director for External Partnerships, KELLOGG COMPANY

Final Remarks
Close of Summit

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