March 18, 2020 Afternoon

Pre Event Microbial Food Innovation Workshop

Add even more value to your time at Future Food-Tech, as you network and learn from industry leaders and innovators specializing in microbes, fermentation and the creation of novel foods.

This half-day workshop on March 18 will deep dive into new microbial technologies, changing regulatory processes for novel foods, communicating these technologies to the consumer and capital allocation. Our pre-summit workshop will then round off with attendees coming together to tackle a specific industry problem within the space.

5:30 - 7:30pm
Welcome Drinks and AgFunder Innovation Awards

Join us for welcome drinks and networking, featuring the AgFunder Innovation Awards to recognize the innovators and entrepreneurs driving the agri-food tech industry forward.

They celebrate excellence in three sectors: Farm Tech, Supply Chain Tech, and Food-Tech, plus the Most Valuable Agri-Food Tech Accelerator Program. Open to all registered delegates, collect your summit badge on arrival.

March 19, 2020 Morning

Breakfast Briefing: Innovations in Digestive Wellness

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Welcome Remarks from Rethink Events
Keynote Address: The Next Food Revolution
Food as Medicine: Disease Treatment and Prevention Through Nutrition

• How are different generations using food as part of their overall health and wellness regimen?
• What advancements in nutrition are proving successful in age reversal?
• What developments in science are allowing us to understand food’s impact to manage issues like stress and anxiety?
• What new discoveries have been made in understanding how gut microbiota can suppress food allergies, mental illness and metabolic disease?

Session Chair:
Ryan Wilson, Senior Advisor, MILKEN INSTITUTE
Bobby Chacko, CEO, OCEAN SPRAY
Pietro Antonio Tatarann, Deputy CSO and SVP of Life Sciences, PEPSICO
Chris Rinsch, Co-Founder and CEO, AMAZENTIS

New Frontiers: Developing Plant-Based Products of the Future

• As plant-based ‘beef’ and ‘chicken’ go mainstream, what new processes and technologies are being used to mimic dairy, seafood and other animal products?
• How can the progress made in taste, texture and nutrition within beef and chicken be utilized for other categories?
• Asia is a huge potential market for plant-based alternatives. What products and alternative taste profiles are being explored to cater for Asian cuisine?
• How important has the consumer adoption for plant-based burgers been in accelerating innovation in other categories?

Session Chair:
Bruce Friedrich, Founder and Executive Director, THE GOOD FOOD INSTITUTE
Miyoko Schinner, Founder, MIYOKO’S KITCHEN
Adam Lowry, Co-Founder, RIPPLE FOODS
Rajesh Potineni, VP Taste R&D, KERRY
Miguel Calatayud, CEO, iWi
Jean-Philippe Azoulay, Head of Pea and New Proteins Business Lines, ROQUETTE

Networking Coffee Break

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Navigating Regulatory Processes in a Fast-Changing Food System

Susan Mayne, Director Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition, FDA

Nutrition and Tech: Enabling Digital to Drive Lifestyle Changes

• What technologies are allowing consumers to monitor key biomarkers to improve nutrition and health and offer dynamic lifestyle interventions?
• How are digital healthcare services being used to capture data and use it to further research?
• How can we couple individual sensor technology to the smart phone to deliver instant analysis? How is this then translated into guidance for diet?
• What is the correct model to encourage mass adoption? Does it make sense for this technology be prescribed and covered by insurance companies or should consumers pay for it?
• Are consumers ready to give companies complete access to sensitive data on a 24/7 basis?

Rodrigo Oliveira, CTO, WEIGHT WATCHERS
Naveen Jain, Founder and CEO, VIOME
Ashley Desrosiers, VP Food, Beverage & Nutrition, FOODMINDS

Food Production for a Changing Planet

Ian Pinner, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, ADM

Networking Lunch Break

March 19, 2020 Afternoon

Flavor, Cravings, and the Design of Intuitive Healthy Eating

• What can modern science tell us about the relationship between food cravings and human evolution?
• Why are current sensory experiences not correlated to health outcomes?
• How is the future of food design and culinary art set to influence our eating habits?
• How can we enter into the communication between our senses and bodies so, when those sense signals happen, we refrain from indulging in unhealthy foods?
• How can intuitive eating play a role in fighting disordered eating?
• What role does scent play in helping people make healthy decisions?

John Didzbalis, Lead Flavor and Sensory Scientist, MARS
Emilie Fromentin, Head of Explore Health, Wellness & Nutrition, GIVAUDAN
David Edwards, Harvard Professor and Founder, SENSORY CLOUD
Mario Ubiali, Co-Founder and CEO, THIMUS 

Addressing Urgent Needs Through Science, Technology and Innovation


Roundtable Discussion Groups

One of the most interactive sessions of the program. The roundtable discussion groups are hosted by an industry expert and offer you a valuable opportunity to network, brainstorm solutions and share ideas with your peers on similar topics and issues.
Roundtable discussion groups take place in the main auditorium and are free for delegates to attend.
Choose your topic on the day – no need to register.

Networking Coffee Break

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Technology Showcase: Early-Mid Stage Technology Entrepreneurs Present 7 Minute Snapshots of their Solutions

Holly Jacobus, Partner, JOYANCE PARTNERS

Fireside Chat: Can We Solve the Challenges of our Time Through Genetics?

• What developments have been made in using biotechnology to provide more natured, functional foods to the consumer?
• What opportunities are there to use gene editing to increase the nutritional profile of foods and combat ‘hidden hunger’?
• What platforms are available to offer companies opportunities to scale when they start experiencing success?
• What techniques and language have been most successful in communicating the benefits of genetically modified foods to the consumer?
• How do companies verify sustainability claims associated to new innovations?

Samir Kaul, Founding General Partner, KHOSLA VENTURES

Investor Insights: Paying Food-Tech Forward

• How can traditional tech investors help the market grow and provide capital to push forward new, disruptive tech?
• With booming interest in food-tech, what is the risk of companies being overvalued?
• How should investors nurture start-ups in their portfolio, and what components add significant value to early-stage companies What are examples of effective investor, start-up relationships from the past year?
• Does Silicon Valley act as a bubble, masking whether technology is truly valuable or not?

Session Chair:
Jonathan Shieber, Editor, TECH CRUNCH
Jim Murphy, VP Global Venturing and Emerging Growth Platforms,  COCA COLA COMPANY
Ela Madej, Co-Founder & Partner, FIFTY YEARS
Tom Allison, Head of Investment Strategy and M&A, ZX VENTURES

Closing Remarks & Networking Drinks Reception

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Day Two — March 20, 2020 Morning

Welcome Remarks from Rethink Events
From the Top Down: Inspiring R&D Teams to Create Next Gen Products

• How can food companies create safe spaces for blue sky thinking and, inevitably, failure?
• What examples are there of food leaders inspiring innovation and R&D teams to create next gen products?
• Can big companies create a revolution through R&D?
• How can large corporations, who are slower to react, stay successful in this fast-changing space?
• What competitive advantages can large organizations leverage for innovation success?

Session Chair:
Craig Stephen Slavtcheff, SVP, Head of Research & Development, CAMPBELL SOUP COMPANY
Takoua Debeche, SVP Research & Development, DANONE NORTH AMERIC

Utilizing the Power of AI and Automation to Accelerate Innovation

Mike Hubbard, SVP Revenue, TRACEGAINS

Technology Showcase: Early-Mid Stage Technology Entrepreneurs Present 7 Minute Snapshots of their Solutions

Rosie Wardle, Investment Associate, CPT CAPITAL

Networking Coffee Break

Ushering in the Latest Innovations in Sustainable and Nutritious Ingredients

Carla Hilhorst, EVP R&D, UNILEVER

Expert Opinion: Consumer Trends Driving Changes in Ingredient Innovation

• Where is the greatest need for innovation in ingredients? Which ingredients are currently perceived most negatively by consumers, and what innovative solutions are emerging as replacements?
• What new processing techniques are effective in enhancing natural flavors and taste profiles whilst delivering a consumer-friendly label?
• How does consumer scrutiny and ‘bad science’ affect breakthrough innovation?
• Does the industry need to focus on educating the consumer or just follow their trends?
• What digital technologies are proving effective in testing the functionality of new ingredients in the food matrix and speeding up R&D processes?

True Disruption: The End of Plastic in Foods

• Three exciting technologies that have the potential to put an end of plastic in food. How viable is their adoption?
• How can food design help to reduce the need for packaging as a whole? What emerging technologies are gaining traction?
• What problems and challenges remain when thinking about alternative packaging solutions?

James Rogers, Co-Founder, APEEL SCIENCES

Networking Lunch Break

Day Two — March 20, 2020 Afternoon

Cellular Agriculture: Commercializing New Methods of Protein Production

• What areas are most in need of development and innovation to achieve commercialization of cell-based alternatives? What new technologies and scientific discoveries have emerged over the past year that are worth noting?
• What key lessons can we take away from the success of Perfect Day’s product launch?
• What timeline predictions are being made on making clean meat products price competitive?
• What methods are companies using to validate sustainability claims about their processes and products?

Session Chair:
Andrew Ive, Founding Partner, BIG IDEA VENTURES
Dan Altschuler Malek, Managing Partner, UNOVIS & NEW CROP CAPITAL
Lejjy Gafour, Co-Founder, FUTURE FIELDS
Mike Selden, Co-Founder & CEO, FINLESS FOODS

Digitization: Improving Food Safety, Traceability and Quality Across the Supply Chain

• What new manufacturing models are available to help accelerate growth in early-stage companies without large capital investment?
• Are we at a stage where autonomous manufacturing systems can deal more efficiently with product fluctuations, quality, safety whist also reducing labor costs & shortages?
• What are the latest advancements in AI and automation for food manufacturing?
• What can we learn from other industries, notably automakers, about streamlining manufacturing processes?
• How can robotics and automation fundamentally change the way we produce and distribute food?

Keith Agoada, Co-Founder & CEO, PRODUCERS MARKET

The Last Mile: How Are Food Retailers and Restaurants Responding to Demand Changes?

• What new technology is proving effective in analyzing customer behavior and providing new, sought-after offerings?
• What strategies and new ideas are emerging to balance convenience, health and affordability for customers?
• Do retailers and restaurants, much like brands, have an obligation to encourage customers to change their eating habits or should they act as an unbiased market platform?

Aparna Prasad, Director of Food Innovations, STARBUCKS
Steve Hornyak, CCO, FABRIC

Close of Summit