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Wednesday March 15

Cell Culturing Pre-summit Workshop: Overcoming Challenges, Evolving Technologies & Reaching Scale

The pre-summit workshop at the IndieBio Headquarters in San Francisco will delve deeper into the opportunities and challenges with scaling cell cultured technologies to reach the shelves. Bringing together innovation leaders, investors, corporate scaling partners and regulators, the workshop will explore the latest around growth media & scaffolding technologies, infrastructure for scale, best practices around partnership & regulation, to accelerate progress for cell cultivated products and forge business opportunities.


Thursday March 16

Feeding the Future: Strengthening Sustainable Food Systems
  • As the effects of climate, conflict and economic shifts ripple across the world, food insecurity, malnutrition and poverty are rife. How are companies across the food chain working to create more nutritious and sustainable food systems?
  • What technology and innovations are strengthening the food system, helping to overcome the global food crisis? How important is the culmination of differing novel food and ingredient production, over a single silver bullet approach in order to reach this goal?
  • How vital is collaboration across the value chain in order to reduce food insecurity? What role should governments, regulators and NGOs play in increasing access to nutritional food, alongside the large corporates and innovators?

Bruce Friedrich, Founder & President, THE GOOD FOOD INSTITUTE

Denise Lefebvre, SVP Global Food R&D, PEPSICO
Bernhard Kowatsch, Head of Innovation Accelerator, WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME
TM Narayan, President, PERFECT DAY

Future-Proofing Food: Increasing Resiliency Across the Value Chain
  • As inflation rises and the impacts of climate change increase in frequency, supply chains continue to be disrupted and resiliency is crucial. How can the transformation of the food system accelerate resiliency in the face of market volatility and climate challenges?
  • As climate instability has an increasing impact on farming and food, how are companies across the value chain working to build a more climate resilient food system? What innovative solutions are being implemented to address this?
  • How are economic shifts affecting CPG and large food brand approaches to technology, partnership, and investment? How are innovators shaping their strategy and products in light of uncertainty?
  • What new technology can be leveraged to help stabilize the supply chain and balance pricing? What alternatives to oils, starches, and fats will there be, which have been hit hard by inflation?


Leonardo Aquino, Head of R&D and Innovation, Nutrition North America, UNILEVER
Didier Toubia, Co-Founder & CEO, ALEPH FARMS
Maija Itkonen, CEO & Co-Founder, ONEGO BIO
Naveen Sikka, CEO, TERVIVA

Networking Coffee Break

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Raising the Bar: Enhancing Plant-Based Foods
  • With concerns rising around ultra-processed plant-based foods and increasing demand for clean label, what ingredient innovation is available to improve the nutritional profile of plant-based products?
  • What innovation is working to bridge the gap between consumer demand for better nutritional profiles, without sacrificing the taste and texture of a ‘meaty’ experience?
  • What are the latest innovations around sensory profile, to further enhance taste, texture and performance?
  • How are plant-based brands addressing consumer demand for convenience? What new formats of plant-based products should we expect to see?
  • What bottlenecks around price parity need to be overcome, and how are brands working to tackle these challenges?

Costa Yiannoulis, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, SYNTHESIS CAPITAL

Dariush Ajami, Chief Innovation Officer, BEYOND MEAT
Martin Abfast, CEO & Co-Founder, UMIAMI
Yadu Dar, Director, Plant Based Proteins, INGREDION INCORPORATED
Anne-Marie Butler, Global Director of Strategy and Innovation, EDLONG

Innovation Challenge: Unleash the Power of Tomatoes from Seed to Shelf

In the run up to this year’s summit, The Kraft Heinz Company set an innovation challenge for start-ups. Three finalists will present their ideas to a panel of senior executives, who will then come together for a short discussion and follow-up questions before a winner is crowned. 

Erin Wahal, Head of Research and Development – Taste, Meals and Away from Home, THE KRAFT HEINZ COMPANY
Maxine Roman, Lead for New Ventures & Disruptive R&D, THE KRAFT HEINZ COMPANY

Forging the Path to Carbon Neutrality & Zero Impact
  • How can innovation across the food system help to reduce the carbon footprint of food production? How are companies across the value chain utilizing technology to reach sustainability goals?
  • What are the latest innovations working to tackle the issue of food waste in order to improve sustainability and reduce footprint?
  • What is the significance of elements such as water and land usage in reducing environmental impact and what methods of production are addressing this?
  • How crucial are sustainability and ESG metrics for the industry to talk quantitively and track, measure and compare progress? Where are LCAs being put into practice?

Claire Brierley, Director Product Development, Private Brands, Grocery, WALMART
Julian Melchiorri, Founder & CEO, ARBOREA

Networking Lunch Break & Roundtable Discussions

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Roundtable Discussions:

  • Food Safety & Regulatory Challenges in Food-Tech: When Start-ups Work with the Industry
    Host: Eric Park, Global Regulatory Affairs Manager, ICL GROUP
  • Advancing the Plant-based Value Chain: How to Accelerate Development to Meet Rising Demand?
    Host: Dorotea Pein, Director of Product Management, PLANTENEERS
  • Scaling the Food of the Future: Infrastructure, Strategy & Partnership
    Host: David Ziskind, Director Of Engineering, BLACK & VEATCH 
  • Just the Right (Food)Rx for Scaling Food Is Medicine
    Host: Scott Bowman, Co-Founder & Co-Chair, THE NOURISH MOVEMENT
  • Perspectives On Raising Equity: Overcoming a Challenging Environment for Innovative Growth Companies
    Hosts: Guus Hovius, Vice President – Equity Private Placements, RABOBANK & Mai Karas, Associate Director – Rabo Corporate Investments, RABOBANK
  • Consumers Are Shifting to Natural Sweeteners, Learn Why
    Host: Michele Fite, Chief Commercial Officer, ELO LIFE SYSTEMS
Step Up to the Plate: Whole Cuts

Two brands showcase their innovative technologies, cooking their whole cut products live on stage. Whilst watching the experts cook, hear from the innovators about how these delicious whole cuts are formulated, how best to cook them, and more about their taste and nutritional profiles.

Giuseppe Scionti, CEO & Founder, NOVAMEAT

Scaling Novel Foods: The Recipe for Success
  • As the novel food sector matures, will full-stack players continue to enter the scene or, as companies scale, will the supply chain broaden, with companies specializing in particular areas?
  • What cutting-edge solutions in bioprocessing, such as scaffolding, bioreactors and growth media, have entered the space to address scaling challenges?
  • With regulatory approval closer, but still an obstacle, how important is early interaction with regulators to limit risks when scaling production?
  • Partnerships are crucial for successful scaling, but what makes the perfect collaborator?
  • In light of Biden’s National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative, what does federal and governmental support look like when it comes to scaling technology for the future of food?

Deepti Kulkarni, Partner, Food, Drug and Device Regulatory Practice Group, COVINGTON & BURLING

Tony Moses, Chief Executive Officer, CRB
Arturo Elizondo, Founder & CEO, THE EVERY COMPANY
Jill Powers, Vice President, Consumer Products and Retail, SIEMENS
Ena Cratsenburg, Chief Business Officer, GINGKO BIOWORKS
Ido Savir, CEO & Co-Founder, SUPERMEAT

The Kraft Heinz Company Innovation Challenge: Winners Announced!
Food as Medicine: Innovation to Address Consumer Health
  • With growing consumer awareness and interest around the relationship between food, diet and human health, what are the key need states that can be addressed through food-tech?
  • Foods to bolster issues like physical health, immunity and cognition are not new concepts, but what are the latest innovations tackling these challenges?
  • What exciting technologies are emerging to tackle diabetes, obesity, anxiety, sleep, energy and gut health? How can these be commercialized?
  • Which formats are companies using to deliver these solutions such as gummies or pills, and what does the future look like?
  • What are the bottlenecks facing companies innovating in the food as medicine space, and how are companies working together? What regulatory constraints should innovators be taking into account?

Matt Walker, Managing Director, Food & Agriculture, S2G VENTURES

Ehsan Moaseri, CEO, NULIXIR
Erin Alexander, VP, Nutrition, Science & UX, DANONE NORTH AMERICA
Anthony Clark, Chief Technology Officer, HELAINA

Networking Coffee Break

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The Commercialization and Development of Personalized Nutrition
  • What health issues are being addressed through personalized nutrition, and what are the latest developments around non-invasive testing, diagnostics, and supplements?
  • How is data science, AI and machine learning being utilized to transition personalized nutrition into precision nutrition?
  • With an influx of diagnostics tools and apps in the personalized nutrition space, what will it take to for the technology and concept to reach the mass market?
  • How are different geographies approaching the concept of personalized nutrition? What are the differences across the globe and who is the consumer?


Exploring the Power of Fungi
  • Mushrooms are having a moment – whether for immunity and cognitive health benefits or using mycelium to provide protein and fiber-rich alternatives to animal meats.
  • What are the most exciting breakthroughs using mushrooms in the health and medicine space? Who are the key players and what solutions are on the market?
  • How are companies in the plant-based category utilizing the power of fungi, and what technology is being used to elevate their products? What does consumer acceptance of this technology look like?
  • How are CPGs and large food brands looking at mushrooms? Is there interest in the health properties, or for nutritional and plant-based purposes?

Elysabeth Alfano, CEO, VEGTECH INVEST

Shalom Daniel, Founder & CEO, MUSH FOODS
Michelle Ruiz, Co-Founder & CEO, HYFÉ FOODS

Investor Landscape: Projections for the Future
  • In the wake of covid, the energy crisis, and with inflation rising, investment in the food sector hit pause. After weathering the storm, what does the investment landscape look like now and how have approaches changed?
  • What are the investment projections for 2023 as the space resets? What areas of innovation are ‘hot’ and what’s not?
  • How are investors looking at the alt-protein market in the wake of overvaluations and a proliferation of early-stage innovators?
  • Early-stage investments have dominated the food sector, so what does later stage financing look like and what are investors looking for when considering later stage finance?
  • What role do non-VC dollars play in accelerating innovation, scale and commercialization?

Greg McParland, Investment Director, DSM VENTURING

Matt Spence, Managing Director & Global Head of Venture Capital Banking, BARCLAYS
Lisa Feria, Managing Partner & CEO, STRAY DOG CAPITAL
Ben Belldegrun, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, ALIMENT CAPITAL
David Barber, Partner, ASTANOR VENTURES 

Close of Day One & Networking Drinks


Friday March 17

What’s on the Consumer’s Plate: Assessing Drivers & Behaviors
  • How have global economic shifts impacted consumer priorities? How are consumers thinking about cost, climate, taste and nutrition when it comes to food?
  • Taste and nutrition are essential for consumer buy in, but what is the role of brand sustainability in consumer retention? What do consumers want?
  • With the consumer more conscious of price, has this impacted how consumers prioritize the environmental impact of the food they buy?
  • What’s the next generation of convenience in food? What do consumers want from convenience products, and what will product formats look like in the future?
  • From an ecommerce perspective, what will product delivery for convenience look like? How will AI continue to evolve to provide more convenient, efficient shopping experiences?

Chris Cochran, Founder and Principal, GOOD FOOD ADVISORS

Kim Coffin, Senior Vice President, Chief Forager, SPROUTS FARMERS MARKET
Somsubhra Choudhuri, Co-Founder & CEOAI PALETTE
Dr. Haven Baker, Co-Founder & CBO, PAIRWISE

Health x Food Nexus: Tackling Nutritional Insecurity
  • In light of nutritional insecurity, how can companies in the food chain work to increase access to nutritious foods and make the food on consumer shelves healthier?
  • How are innovators using ingredients to improve the nutritional profile of foods, without compromising taste or affordability?
  • As demand for clean label products grows, how can collaborative scientific initiatives be utilized and leveraged to increase understanding around nutrition in food? How are these learnings translated to improve health?
  • What standards and metrics, like the European Nutri-Score, are in place to allow for tracking nutrition in foods on the shelf in the US and around the globe? How crucial is this for brands in order to build trust and transparency?

Sara Eckhouse, Executive Director, FOODSHOT GROUP

Selena Ahmed, Global Director of the Periodic Table of Food Initiative, AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION
Julie Greene, Director, GUIDING STARS
Barbara Guerpillon, Senior Director: Transformation, Innovation & Corporate Venture, DOLE SUNSHINE COMPANY
David Rowe, Founder & President, EPOGEE

Functional Ingredients for the Future of the Food System

Hear from COMET, last year’s Innovation Challenge winner, around development of sustainable, functional ingredients and how to scale effectively to reach commercialization.

Rich Troyer, Chief Executive Officer, COMET

Networking Coffee Break

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Showcasing the Future of Food-Tech

Hear from six of the hottest innovators in the future food-tech space, pitching their solutions to a panel of
judges – followed by Q&A to delve deeper into their products, strategies, and visions for the future! Hungry for
more? Join us in the start-up arena for pitching sessions and investor drop-ins

Hadar Sutovsky, VP External Innovation, ICL GROUP
Caroline Keeley, Vice President, Foodbytes Partnerships, RABOBANK

Minami Ogawa, Co-Founder & Director of Cultivated, OPTIMIZED FOODS
Iga Hallberg, Co-Founder & COO, UMMINO 

Case Study// Cell Cultivation Under the Microscope
  • Nearly 10 years after the first cell-based burger, the cultivated protein market continues to build, but what are the stories for each variety of cell-cultivated produce? How do methods of production differ and how do they compare against their conventional counterparts?
  • What are the roadblocks that cultivated protein companies face? How are innovators looking at scale, and how crucial is collaboration across the category to overcome challenges?
  • What can be expected when the floodgates open after regulatory approval in the US? What will be the new challenges for cell-cultivation?
  • As we look to the future, where can consumers expect to get their hands on cell-cultured meats?

Elaine Watson, Senior Editor, FOODNAVIGATOR-USA

Guy Michrowski, CEO & Co-Founder, PROFUSE TECHNOLOGY
Michael Selden, CEO & Co-Founder, FINLESS FOODS

Open Innovation in Action: New Approaches to R&D, Innovation and M&A
  • As the food industry reacts to market shifts, what has been the impact on corporate innovation strategies?
  • How are companies approaching internal R&D and what do partnerships look like? What areas of innovation are CVCs focused on?
  • How are brands approaching M&A in order to be more nimble and how should start-ups and innovators be looking to position themselves for acquisition?
  • How are these trends evolving in comparison to other markets? What learnings can be drawn from sectors like pharma or energy?

Enrico Granata, Partner, KING & SPALDING

Mike Anstey, CEO & Co-Founder, PILOT LITE
Alexandre Bastos, Head of Front-End Innovation, Taste & Wellbeing, GIVAUDAN
Paul Bakus, President, North America, PURATOS
Ian Noble, VP R&D – Research, Analytical & Productivity, MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL

Networking Lunch Break
Step Up to the Plate: Alt-Seafood

Two brands showcase their cutting-edge alt-seafood products. Whilst watching the experts cook, hear from the innovators about how they achieve the textures and flavors of foods from the sea, the sustainability aspects of their products and the best way to cook and serve up to get the taste buds tingling!



Finding the Sweet Spot: Reducing Sugar for Guilt-Free Indulgence
  • Diabetes and obesity are pressing health issues for many of the global population, with sugar in diets
    playing a key role in this. What are the latest alternatives to sugar that provide more natural, clean
    label offerings?
  • How are innovators maintaining taste and removing aftertaste whilst improving nutritional profiles of
    sugar alternatives?
  • How are food brands, large and small, addressing the sugar content of their foods – ensuring
    consumers can indulge guilt-free, with ‘better for you’ options? How is technology being utilized to go
    beyond the sweetener and reduce sugar levels?
  • What breakthroughs with products like Stevia mean that price parity with artificial sweeteners is in

Jonathan Berger, CEO, THE KITCHEN HUB

Abigail Storms, Global Head of Specialty Sweeteners, TATE & LYLE
Todd Rands, President & CEO, ELO LIFE SYSTEMS

2030 Visions: Digging into the Future of Food

Experts from across the food sector representing CPG brands, alt-protein, food as medicine, nutrition and the investment space cast their predictions, visions and hopes for the food-tech industry by 2030. What changes will we see, where will investments be made, and where do these categories see themselves in the future, in order to strengthen resilient food systems for all?

Brian Loeb, Co-Head: Conti Ventures, CONTINENTAL GRAIN COMPANY


Paola De Almeida, Global Director, Corporate Innovation, MARS
Denise Osterhues,
Senior Director, ESG, Sustainability & Social Impact, THE KROGER CO
Sonia Huppert, Global Innovation Leader, Re-Imagine Protein, IFF
Justin Kolbeck, Co-Founder & CEO, WILDTYPE

Close of Summit