Over the past few months we’ve been working with more than 50 groundbreaking innovators to showcase their dishes and ingredients in the unique and adventurous summit menu.

Be among the first in the world to sample these trailblazing plant-based and novel foods, featuring exclusive collaborations that you will only find at Future Food-Tech.


Prepare for a busy day of networking by fuelling up at the breakfast station:

  • EXCLUSIVE COLLABORATION: Current Foods smoked salmon bagels with Vertage cream cheese
  • Danone plant-based yogurts and creamers
  • Dole Sunshine Company blueberry muffins made with green banana powder and pineapple fiber powder
  • Vegan granola with Rainfed Original Millet Milk and fresh berries

Indulge in delicious snacks at the summit morning and afternoon coffee breaks:

  • Terviva orange and cardamom Ponova oil cake
  • Trendi berry breeze and mango tango fruit smoothies made from rescued ingredients
  • Pivot Bio microwavable gourmet butterfly Yellow Popcorn
  • Perfect Day mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, made with precision fermentation
  • COMET coffee mixed with ARRABINA powder
  • Nulixir focus shots designed to enhance cognition and support brain health

Looking for something substantial for lunch? Why not try:

  • Sundial Foods Korean honey BBQ wings
  • EXCLUSIVE COLLABORATION: Current Foods tuna salad, Suncrest greens, Vertage mozzarella, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, green beans and olives
  • Lypid vegan pork belly adobo with garlic fried rice
  • The only meat on the menu, Mush Foods 50CUT kefta kebabs utilize 50% mycelium, 50% farm-based meat
  • SUMMIT EXCLUSIVE: Nourish Ventures Crispy Chik’n Karaage with Korean red chilli sauce and steamed jasmine rice
  • EXCLUSIVE COLLABORATION: Banh Mi Sandwiches with Impossible™ Beef and The Better Meat Co. Mycoprotein Foie Gras made with Epogee® fat alternative EPG
  • Konscious Foods sushi platters, including tuna avocado and spicy california rolls
  • Zero Acre Farms ranch and French Vinaigrette salad dressings with cultured oil
  • MeliBio bee-free honey panna cotta

End your day sipping refreshments at the Planteneers drinks reception, while sampling a specially curated menu of plant-based treats, including: steak tartare, poke bowls, pizza and Oreo cheesecake.


Visit the Taste Lab to sample foods of the future and meet their trailblazing founders:

  • Aqua Cultured Foods Aqua Tuna, Aqua Scallop and Aqua Ground shrimp, served in tuna sushi rolls, shrimp dumplings and scallop crudo
  • COMET gummies featuring ARRABINA prebiotic dietary fiber
  • Mush Foods 50CUT beef burgers and chicken nuggets
  • Nourish Ventures Crispy Chik’n Karaage, served with Wasabi Ginger Moringa drizzle, and LiveKindly chicken wings
  • Pairwise salad bar featuring Conscious™ Greens – the first CRISPR gene-edited produce in U.S. retail
  • The Supplant Company chocolate and shortbread featuring Supplant™ Sugars from Fiber, its low glycaemic, prebiotic cane sugar replacement
  • Umiami plant-based chicken filet


Have you ever wondered how whole cuts are formulated and how best to cook them? The founders will prepare dishes, chatting to Larissa Zimberoff as the action unfolds, even bringing some lucky live tasters up to the stage!

  • Demolish Foods chicken piccata with its whole-cut chicken breast
  • Novameat spicy Mexican pulled pork tacos using its next generation plant-based meat

On the alt-seafood side:

  • Current Foods raw tuna and smoked salmon

And that’s not all. You’ll munch your way around more than 55 booths across the Exhibition and Start-Up Arena, learning more about each technology from the innovators themselves.


Sample all these foods and more at Future Food-Tech San Francisco on March 16-17, as food-tech leaders come together to spotlight the new technologies and partnerships that are strengthening sustainable and nutritious food systems. Register now at www.futurefoodtechsf.com/register.