Join Kellogg’s Breakfast Briefing at Future Food-Tech in San Francisco

As Future Food-Tech returns to San Francisco in three weeks’ time, Kellogg Company will once again host a breakfast briefing on Thursday, March 24 at 7.30am to kickstart the summit.

Exclusively for in person attendees, you are warmly invited to hear from Kellogg, BCD Bioscience, BENEO and Comet Bio at an innovation-focused briefing on Prebiotics for Gut Wellness:

Join us to explore what is driving consumer awareness of prebiotics for gut wellness, and the technologies being leveraged to identify emerging ingredients.

Discussion will continue to uncover how digital health companies are making prebiotics more accessible for consumers around the world, and the industry challenges of incorporating them into food.


George Cherian, Director of Open Innovation, KELLOGG
“Awareness and ownership of self-health is absolutely critical. A growing body of research shows that including prebiotics and fiber-rich foods in the diet modulates the composition and metabolic function of the gut microbiota – which has far-reaching positive health impacts. I am looking forward to the breakfast briefing to discuss how we can drive greater awareness of the need for prebiotics in the diet to support gut wellness and overall wellbeing.”



Denisse Colindres, Nutrition Manager, BENEO
“Research into the microbiota reveals so many new opportunities to support digestive health and beyond. I am pleased to join the Breakfast Briefing and bring needed attention to the importance of prebiotics like inulin and oligofructose and their contribution to a healthy gut microbiota. I look forward to the expert exchange on current research and new approaches and technologies.”



Matt Amicucci, Co-Founder and Principal Scientist, BCD BIOSCIENCE
“I am looking forward to the Breakfast Briefing as an opportunity to discuss current trends in prebiotics. As the field of microbiome research continues to mature, the opportunities for prebiotics as stand alone microbiota modulators has become more and more apparent. Particularly, I think we are seeing that prebiotics are not “one size fits all” in regard to their functions, formulation, and consumer acceptance.”



Rich Troyer, CEO, COMET BIO
“There is growing scientific consensus on the microbiome’s vital role in supporting overall health and consumers are looking for prebiotics in addition to probiotics to support their gut health. According to Global Market Insights, the prebiotic category is valued at close to $6B and is expected to exceed 10% CAGR in coming years. I am looking forward to discussing growing consumer demand for prebiotics that address gut health and sugar reduction as well emerging microbiome research.”



The highly anticipated breakfast briefing is open to all delegates and free to attend as part of your ticket to Future Food-Tech. Arrive early to get a seat!