Taste Labs, Breakout Sessions and Start-Up Arena pitching are all running alongside the Main Stage Panels on March 21-22.

Throughout the two days, in addition to plenary sessions, you can have your say in small group breakout discussions, meet 1-1 with an investor or food brand, or try novel foods and meet the founders in the Taste Lab.

Which sessions will you join?

Thursday March 21 & Friday 22

Women’s Breakfast: Inspiring Women Across the Food Ecosystem

To kickstart Day 2 of Future Food-Tech, women across the food-tech ecosystem are invited to join a breakfast briefing featuring inspirational talks, interactive discussion and networking to celebrate women across the industry, sharing stories of challenges, learnings and successes.

Tech-Forward Strategies: Cooking Up Safer and Higher Quality Food

  • With digitalization being implemented across the supply chain, how can technology be applied to improve food safety and quality? What solutions can be employed to improve detection and alerts of allergens to improve food safety for those with intolerance?
  • How can AI be utilized to move to prediction over identification when it comes to food safety issues? How can companies identify the matrix needed to anticipate tomorrow’s problems?
  • How is the push for clean label products impacting food quality and safety, and what is being done to overcome this potential obstacle?
  • What are the biggest challenges when considering food safety, and how can companies look to work more closely with regulators to minimize these?

Speaking the Consumer’s Language: Building Acceptance Through Nomenclature & Strategy

  • With a lot of noise around technology for food, both good and bad, how can innovators reach outside echo chambers and manage broader consumer messaging and communications?
  • What work is being done in terms of nomenclature and policy around food-tech solutions, to help overcome consumer fears and forge a united front with conclusive definitions and labelling?
  • What strategies in terms of branding and messaging can the industry work together to educate consumers around advancing food-tech, to build and strengthen trust and acceptance?
  • How are players across the food-tech space creating a balance of internal industry differentiation, competition and success, with a holistic approach to the outside industry?

Kraft Heinz Workshop: Disruptive Innovation for Food & Health

The Kraft Heinz team are joined by a range of panellists to explore the opportunities and challenges for disruptive innovation improving human health through food. With a blend of thought-leadership and interactive workshopping, discuss themes around leveraging technologies from AI to fermentation to improve health benefits of food whilst maximising taste and texture, to designing foods that are environmentally and economically viable.

Maxine Roman, Lead, Innovation Collaboration and Partnerships, THE KRAFT HEINZ COMPANY

Taste Is King: Innovating to Elevate Structure, Texture & Taste of Plant-Based Offerings

Join the Planteneers team for an interactive breakout discussion to delve into how to advance the plant-based space to create delicious alternatives that exceed expectations! Explore technologies and strategies that can improve the taste, texture and performance of plant-based products, from chicken to fish and seafood. What innovations can be implemented to deliver on taste, mouth-feel and clean-label demands?

Investor Q&A Drop-In: Quick Fire Questions

Come and meet with an exciting group of investors in a more focused setting, where you have the opportunity to dive into deeper discussion and have your chance to ask the questions. With limited seats available, this session provides a unique opportunity to gain latest insights and opinions from leading investors.

Taste Lab: Oobli

Join Oobli to taste their Precision Fermented Sweet Proteins!

Ali Wong, CEO, OOBLI