Sir Patrick Stewart Joins Cana as “Mission Ambassador” to Help End the Global Trash Crisis

  • Stewart will raise awareness of Cana’s audacious mission to decarbonize the global beverage industry and clean up Earth by offering an infinitely better experience

  • Cana’s first product is a molecular beverage printer that serves thousands of beverages on demand – without the plastic, aluminum or glass packaging of conventional beverages

  • The closest thing on Earth to the Star Trek replicator, Cana One will start shipping to customers later this year

EMERYVILLE, Calif.–Sir Patrick Stewart, currently reprising his iconic role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard, is joining Cana Technology to help raise awareness of the company’s mission to decarbonize the beverage industry and clean up Earth.

Cana’s goal is to change the way the world produces and consumes stuff every day, starting with beverages. The $2.5 trillion global beverage and bottling industrial complex revolves around the centralized production and distribution of a product that’s mostly water, using an archaic system that generates trillions of tons of trash.

Cana’s first product, Cana One, prints thousands of beverages – from soft drinks and iced coffee to hard seltzers, wine, and cocktails – using water that’s freely available in your home or office, without the need for plastic, aluminum, glass or other containers. Called the closest thing on Earth to the Star Trek replicator, Cana One will start shipping to customers in beta, later this year.

By contrast, the beverage and bottling industry produces 2 trillion containers per year; the vast majority end up trashed in landfills, on beaches, in our oceans, and in our bodies as toxic microplastics. The industry is a leading contributor to carbon emissions and the most obvious culprit in the deepening global trash crisis.

“I look forward to partnering with Cana on their groundbreaking new initiatives, many of which remind me of advancements in technology that for some may have only been conceivable in the world of science fiction,” said Stewart, who assumes Cana’s new role of “Mission Ambassador” effective immediately. “It has been fascinating and encouraging to learn more from Cana about recent scientific breakthroughs that have made their vision for a sustainable future a reality, and I am delighted to join them in this endeavor.”

A year of breakthroughs

A year ago, a single article reported that Cana had started taking pre-orders – and in less than a week, the company sold out of the first year of planned production. The company received strong, unsolicited interest from people and companies looking for a direct way to reach consumers with their own branded beverages, and a faster go-to-market than building inventory, marketing offline and shipping through retailers.

Cana’s latest molecular printer prototype dispenses thousands of beverage variations across a wide range of beverage categories, with near-infinite personalization of things including alcohol, flavor, sweetness and caffeine. Cana automatically ships customized carts directly to your home or office, containing just the small percentage of ingredients that create unlimited variety, when combined with water at the point of consumption.

Cana also developed the world’s first software interface that makes it as easy, fast and affordable to create all-new beverages, as it is to make any digital content. Cana’s Creator Studio lets people formulate and distribute beverages from scratch – similar to creating a song in a digital studio by dialing up and down the volume of different instruments and melodies.

A creator could, for instance, determine the precise flavor and ingredient profile of a low-sugar, high-alcohol mint-basil mojito; test and refine it; then market it to their community with a unique name and personalized video. Or a beloved Peloton instructor could create her own post-workout, high-vitamin hydration drink; then advertise it to her class during cool-down. In all cases, the creator or brand gets a cut of the revenue generated by sales of their branded beverage. Eventually, Cana One will personalize your drink based on the season, time of day, your likes and dislikes, and even nutritional needs.

Creator Studio eliminates the time, expense and carbon-intensive processes of formulating, manufacturing and distributing beverages in the incumbent industry, which can take years of development and millions of dollars in costs. In turn, Cana owners do not have to go to the grocery store, hoard beverages in their closets or garages or in their energy-hogging spare beer fridge, then trash or recycle the litter.

“We make it easy, fast and affordable for people to get personalized beverages on demand, from their favorite brands or new creators – a seismic shift for the food and beverage industry. We can easily double a $2.5 trillion market by making access instantaneous and reduce trash by over 90%,” said Cana CEO Bharat Vasan, “We are making an antiquated system of production irrelevant – and in so doing, we are building a better user experience for the Cana community and for Earth at large.”

Cana One will cost $899 and will begin shipping to customers in Q4 of 2023. You can reserve Cana One today for a $99 refundable deposit.

Cana One will make its public debut March 17 on stage at Future Food-Tech in San Francisco, where 1,500 international food brands, ingredient providers, investors, start-ups, and technology leaders will gather to dig into the crucial issues facing the food industry today. The summit audience will be given the opportunity to sample beverages served from Cana One.


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Cana is developing ultra-efficient molecular printers that make any beverage you want, whenever you want it, with zero trash. The company’s flagship product, Cana One, is the world’s first molecular beverage printer. The closest thing on Earth to the Star Trek replicator, Cana One is expected to begin shipping to customers in late 2023.