Food technology company, Epogee LLC, will showcase its category defining plant-based fat alternative, EPG, at Future Food-Tech Summit, San Francisco. Additionally, Founder David Rowe will participate in a panel presentation exploring the nexus of Health and Food: Tackling Nutritional Insecurity.

Epogee is debuting an exciting new product “Foie without the Fowl” created through an exclusive collaboration with The Better Meat Co. The product is made with The Better Meat Co.’s Rhiza Mycoprotein with EPG plant-based fat alternative and offers a tasty, better-for-you and better-for-the-environment-and-animals version of foie gras. Samples will be on hand at the Epogee booth #35 (Friday, March 17 from 1 – 4 p.m.).

EPG is a modified plant-based oil that is environmentally and nutritionally safe, having been rigorously tested in 65 studies in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices, FDA GRAS status. It is proven to have no digestive side effects and is included in a variety of chocolate confections, nut butters, plant-based meats, salty and savory snacks, and baked goods. EPG has removed over 3 billion calories from the US food chain in just four years by helping food manufacturers formulate better-for-you foods without sacrificing taste or texture. Importantly, EPG breaks down naturally in the environment in the same way as traditional fats and oils.

Rowe will be joined by other industry experts on the summit main stage on Friday, March 17 at 9:45 a.m. to discuss, among other topics:

  • How companies in the food chain can address food insecurity and nutritional scarcity, increase access to nutritious foods, and make the food on consumer shelves healthier
  • How innovators are using ingredients to improve the nutritional profile of foods, without compromising taste or affordability

When we think about nutritional scarcity, we need to improve the overall composition of existing foods, especially those commonly found in packaged goods on the shelf. We know discerning consumers want food that tastes good and is good for you,” said David Rowe, Epogee founder and chief technology officer. “With EPG’s proven record, we are growing in acceptance among consumers and brands. We’ve served nearly 40 million consumer servings to date – helping to make an impact on the issue of nutritional insecurity.”

Ultimately, it’s our goal to be a building block for companies, brands, and customers. As a food innovator, Epogee is continuing to help companies with a better-food agenda build a competitive advantage, attract a new audience, and grow share by offering an attractive alternative without sacrificing taste or texture,” said Rowe.

In reducing calories from fat in well-loved foods such as chocolates, ice creams and prepared baked goods, EPG is doing its part to address growing rates of obesity and diabetes which are often attributed to the fat content in diets high in ultra-processed foods.

Try Epogee’s new product – Foie Without The Fowl

Some of the latest products launched include:

  • Elite Sweets protein donuts
  • Own Your Hunger protein squares
  • Legendary protein sweet rolls
  • N!CK’s snack bars & ice cream cookies
  • Moon Magic chocolate bars

“We are pleased to be at FFT, along with other food innovators, food brands, active investors, start-ups and technology leaders to continue our mission of making food better with a sustainable plant-based fat alternative that fills a critical technical and commercial void,” said Rowe.

About Epogee®

Epogee envisions a world where we can all choose foods that are delicious and better for us. Its fat alternative, EPG, fulfills the greatest unmet need in food today: dramatically reduced calories without any compromise. Today’s food innovators are formulating with EPG in a variety of applications because of its groundbreaking capability to deliver the functional benefits of traditional fats while eliminating 92% of fat calories for each unit of fat replaced. Now manufacturers can make better-for-you foods with the great taste and texture consumers expect and love. Learn more about Epogee’s fat alternative, EPG, by visiting:, and @EPG4BetterFood

Epogee is a gold partner at Future Food-Tech Summit in San Francisco. Visit Epogee at booth #35 or learn more about EPG at