Ahead of Future Food-Tech next month, the wonderful San Francisco Marriott Marquis chefs have been collaborating with 19 brands to produce a unique plant-based menu like nothing you’ve seen before!

Beyond the vibrant lunchtime and break menus, join trailblazers in the Taste Lab breakouts for exclusive tastings and to hear more about their formulations, and stop by the Live Demo Kitchen in the Exhibition to watch novel food brands and their chefs in action.

Are you ready to sink your teeth into our food experiences this March 21-22?



COCUUS bacon
  • BRIGHTSEED® Bio Gut Fiber showcased in a crunchy granola recipe, served with vegan yogurt. The product is the first and only whole food hemp fiber ingredient made from upcycled hemp hulls that contains two naturally occurring bioactives to support gut strength.
  • COCUUS healthy and sustainable bacon, made from pea protein and sunflower emulsion, alongside its canned tuna and foie gras.
  • DANONE Two Good Smoothies

    Choose from a selection of DANONE’s most popular products. Add Silk Protein Almondmilk and Oatmilk to your tea or coffee, alongside So Delicious Dairy Free yogurts and Two Good Smoothies in a variety of flavors. This is the only networking break in which dairy products are also on offer – try the Light + Fit Zero Sugar and Oikos Pro yogurt ranges, served alongside International Delight Cold Foam Creamer in Sweet & Creamy and French Vanilla.


  • COMET chocolate muffins

    COMET Arrabina dietary fibers served in coffee and chocolate muffins, demonstrating the low-dose prebiotic fiber that can be used in a wide array of food and beverage applications. The grade featured in the muffin has additional gut health and sugar reduction benefits.

    ALGAMA FOODS pecan pie
  • ALGAMA FOODS delicious pearl sugar brioche and pecan pie, made with its Tamalga® egg replacer from healthy and sustainably sourced microalgae.
  • BIOHM Super Greens, Super Reeds and Gut-Brain Connection drink mix powders with probiotics. Mix them with water, yogurt or favorite drink for a supercharged mid-morning boost!
  • OOBLI chocolate & iced teas

    OOBLI low-sugar, high-fiber, decadent new milk & dark chocolate and iced teas sweetened by plant proteins 5,000 times sweeter than sugar.

  • INFUSD NUTRITION Water Soluble Omega-3 & Vitamin D Concentrate. Each 10ml serving contains 1000 mg of Algal Oil with 550mg EPA+DHA as well as 1000 IU Vitamin D. Solubilize these nutrients by pouring the sample into any beverage of your choosing!


PLANTENEERS pepperoni pizza
  • PLANTENEERS hosts a lunch feast on day one. The buffet is set to include caesar salad featuring Planteneers’ creamy salad dressing and crumbly parmesan, pepperoni pizza with the expected cupping and greasiness, white fish medallions served in a cherry tomato sauce, and Italian subs featuring the brand’s salami, pepperoni and cheese. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a big bowl of chocolate brownie made with Planteneers’ own blend, and its whipped cream!

  • EXCLUSIVE COLLABORATION: IMPOSSIBLE FOODS teams up with ALGAMA FOODS on day two to bring you Chicago style hot dogs. Hot off the press, have a first taste of Impossible Foods’ latest innovation not yet on the market – Impossible Beef Hot Dogs. For the ultimate taste infusion, have yours served in an Algama Foods brioche bun, made with its Tamalga® egg replacer.
  • BIG MOUNTAIN FOODS Lion’s Mane Mushroom Umami Bites. The savory blend of Lion’s Mane, Portobello, and Shiitake mushrooms redefines the classic meatball, with the use of CRUSH DYNAMICS Purée for an umami twist.

    RA FOODS sprouted guacamole
  • RA FOODS Wild About Sprouts Broccoli are a true nutritional powerhouse, served at the summit as Sprouted Guacamole and Sprout Pesto side dishes. The sprouts contain 100 times more sulforaphane than mature broccoli, with numerous studies providing compelling evidence that sulforaphane delays or impedes cancer, among many other health benefits.

    EAT MAMU Kebabs
  • KORALO FOODS New F!sh fillets, a cod style whole cut fillet created from microalgae and fermented mycelium.
  • SEMPERA ORGANICS Eat Mamu juicy umami kebabs are made from gourmet mushrooms, nutrient-dense mycelium, and fermented chickpeas.


Join Nourish Ingredients for a unique Taste Lab experience featuring its potent fats, providing animalic taste and real cooking reactions to plant-based proteins.

Indulge your sweet tooth as Oobli presents its low-sugar, high-fiber, decadent new milk & dark chocolate and iced teas sweetened by plant proteins 5,000 times sweeter than sugar.

Sample Demolish Foods’ animal-free chicken whole cuts made with plant-based muscle fibers using its novel technologies.

Serving a mouthwatering fried “chicken” waffle with a Californian twist, Nosh.Bio showcases its product’s versatility as a standalone meat substitute and foundational ingredient.


ProFillet’s Fish & Chips

New for 2024! Watch dynamic creators as they whip up a storm in the Live Demo Kitchen, serving novel foods and ingredients in freshly cooked dishes for the audience to sample.

New School Foods will present its plant-based salmon fillet that looks, cooks, tastes and flakes like wild salmon.

ProFillet is set to plate up its whole cut plant-based catfish as fish and chips, harnessing the impressive nutritional profile of microalgae.

Cocuus joins to showcase its healthy and sustainable bacon, made from pea protein and sunflower emulsion, alongside its canned tuna and foie gras.

Matr Foods uses the art of traditional fungi fermentation on a mix of Nordic organic vegetables, legumes and grains to create a new healthy plant ingredient rich with deep umami flavour and a juicy tender bite. Try its Fungi Mince & Meatballs in the Live Demo Kitchen.

Jack & Annie’s is set to demonstrate its products made with jackfruit, the meatiest plant on the planet.


Future Food-Tech is an immersive experience where no delegate goes hungry. You’ll sample even more from the 50+ booths in the packed Exhibition, as Onego Bio dishes up scrambled eggs made with its fermented egg protein, while Umiami and Demolish Foods cook live at their booths. Visit Biolumen inc. to sample its Monch Monch Prebiotic Drink Mix.

Head to the Start-Up Arena for even more innovator action and tastings:

  • Andfoods – dairy free milk powders and protein rich dried side streams
  • Circe – chocolate truffles
  • EQUII – EQUII PRotein + Fiber Bread Classic wheat, EQUII PRotein + Fiber Bread Multi-grain
  • Ergo Bioscience – Vegetable Myoglobin and Vegetable Caseins
  • Filtricine – Tality food powders
  • Ingrediome – sausages, pepperoni, scallops and calamari
  • Koralo – Grilled New F!sh Fillet
  • Morus – silkworm powder (food ingredient), silkworm protein shake (RTM protein shake powder), and silkworm powder capsules (as supplement)
  • Oceanium – its food ingredients: OCEAN HEALTH® Fiber, natural bioactive ingredients for health & wellness, OCEAN ACTIVES® Fucoidan and a fully biodegradable, seaweed and water-based ink, and OCEAN INK™ for luxury packaging and textiles
  • Perfat Technologiesapplications containing its fats, such as confectionary and baked goods with Perfat inside
  • Terra Bioindustries – samples of food products using its Protina and Recyclose ingredients
  • Yali Bio – dairy-free ice cream utilizing the start-up’s cultured fats


Are you ready to taste it all in San Francisco? There’s just six weeks left to go until all this taste discovery and so much more, with two action-packed stages and two floors of C-suite networking and food-tech innovators to meet. Register now to join the action this March 21-22: www.futurefoodtechsf.com/register