Food tech is pushing the boundaries of innovation to solve important problems and delight consumers once again.  Linda Eatherton, Partner and Managing Director, Ketchum asks: “How much tech is too much tech?”

And then there’s that other T word that keeps coming up. Transparency. “More, more, more information! Pull away the curtains. Answer my questions – really answer them.”

“More” typically means more access, more invitations, more signals and portals. The challenge is to share more information while avoiding the Transparency Trap.

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When consumer demand, desires and information requirements come together in a balanced way, companies grow. Finding that balance will require a blend of IQ and EQ. Download Ketchum’s free white paper on Balanced Communications for Food Technology for 5 recommendations on addressing transparency and reducing confusion.

Consumers today want a new relationship with food. Food companies that want to embrace this new relationship need to acknowledge consumer concerns and provide credible information the average person can understand.

by Linda Eatherton, Managing Director, Global Food & Beverage Practice, Ketchum.

Linda will be talking about this and sharing highlights from Ketchum’s research as part of the Three Perspectives on Delivering Supply Chain Transparencysession on Day One of the Future Food-Tech conference.

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