NGS expanding US reach with its kids’ nutritional shakes

NGS seals distribution agreement for tasty pediatric nutritional height-boosting solution and broadens its portfolio with the acquisition of KidzShake

Nutritional Growth Solutions, Ltd. (NGS) is cementing its stronghold in the USA after completing a new agreement to bring its pediatric nutritional height-boosting solution, Healthy Height®, to the US medical market. This is in addition to its recent acquisition of KidzShake™ brand from Ausmerica Wellness Services, LLC, in a move to expand its product portfolio of complementary nutritional solutions specifically designed for children.

New distribution channel

As key to this US venture, NGS signed a vendor agreement with a leading US medical distributor, Independent Medical Co-op, Inc. (IMCO) for the US distribution of Healthy Height, its patented protein shake clinically shown to improve children’s height.

Healthy Height was developed and tested by pediatricians as a holistic solution to nourish growing children aged 3 to 9 years. It also helps support nutrition in picky eaters, a universal problem that brings a lot of stress to families. Healthy Height is well established in the US market as a leading complementary solution supporting growth for kids. It contains 12g whey protein per serving, plus other high-value ingredients, and no additives. It is gluten-free, soy-free, contains no GMO’s, and includes 350mg of the essential amino acid arginine per serving. It also is low in sugar and sodium.

The agreement gives NGS access to IMCO’s broad healthcare network, encompassing homecare and independent pharmacies throughout the US. Under the agreement, NGS will leverage IMCO’s sales, marketing, and logistical platforms while the two entities initiate a joint campaign to drive product awareness among IMCO’s member network.

Healthy Height is scheduled to be available for distribution in the first quarter of 2021. “The US is a key growth market for NGS,” says Liron Fendell, Managing Director and CEO of NGS. “Having access to IMCO’s established distribution network, coupled with their 40 years of accumulated expertise in sales and marketing, provides a new significant sales pathway to complement our existing online channel for marketing our products.”

Meeting more kids nutritional needs – KidzShake Acquisition

NGS’ recent acquisition of KidzShake was a strategic move to develop its pediatric targeted nutritional portfolio with all-encompassing solutions that can address the wider spectrum of children’s nutritional needs. “KidzShake offers a variety of high-quality nutritional drinks for children, including a vegan option,” explains Fendell. “It is a perfect fit for our portfolio.”

KidzShake was founded by a US-based Australian doctor with a vision of creating a quick-fix, nutrient-dense product to fill the nutrition gaps in children caused by an unbalanced and incomplete diet — a gap often the result of picky eating. The vegan version of KidzShake is powered by pumpkin, hemp, and pea protein, and enriched with fruit and vegetable powders plus probiotics.

According to a 2018 CDC survey of American children and adolescents[1], more than a third of children in the US take dietary supplements, with healthy lifestyle adopters being the fastest growing consumer group. The plant-based food market in the US has grown 18% in 2020, outpacing demand for organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO products[2].

“In the backdrop of the plant-based trend there is strong recognition that children on vegan diets are in greater need for nutritional supplementation,” adds Fendell. “The market for pediatric vegan-based nutritional supplements will be one of the fastest growing sectors over the next 3-5 years.”

About Nutritional Growth Solutions

Nutritional Growth Solutions is a global nutritional health company focused on the well-being of children. NGS develops, produces and markets clinically tested nutritional supplement formula for children following 20 years of medical research into pediatric nutrition at Schneider Children’s Medical Centre, Israel’s largest pediatric hospital.

About Independent Medical Co-op Inc.

IMCO, Inc. was founded in 1981 to give the independent medical distributor the same purchasing power as large national medical supply distribution companies and provide the support they need to grow. IMCO believes that the independent medical distributor is a vital link in the healthcare supply chain, and is committed to their success.



NGS seals distribution agreement for tasty pediatric nutritional height-boosting solution and broadens its portfolio with the acquisition of KidzShake