NOVAMEAT: Plant-based meat… problems solved

Innovative technology unlocks whole cuts at scale

Novameat is a Barcelona-based food-tech company developing the next generation in meat alternatives using its game changing biomimetic micro-force technology. Novameat is setting the new standard by unlocking whole cuts at scale without using soy, wheat gluten, GMOs, or complex ingredients like methylcellulose and carrageenans.

The market is seeing a lack of adoption of plant-based meat alternatives. While many consumers are open to trying the options on the market, poor taste & texture, unclear nutritional benefits, lack of versatility and high price lead to limited recurring purchases. To accelerate plant-based market growth, superior products are required and be made available at scale.


Animal meat is a complex structure of myofilaments, myofibrils, fibers, fascicles and fascia bound together by connective tissues. It is this complex structure which gives meat its distinct texture and which makes it hard to create an authentic replacement.

Using biomimetic 3D design, Novameat incorporates hierarchical and anisotropic structures in its products to create fibers and microfibers mimicking the whole cut texture of meat. The patented, micro-force technology, applies shear forces upon extrusion producing a product that replicates the complex structure of animal whole cuts.

“Praesidium led Novameat’s last round because we saw a company and a founding team which had the possibility to address all of the issues around meat replacement on a cost effective basis. In the last 15 months they have scaled and exceeded our expectations in product quality, and we are looking forward to helping them meet their commercial potential.” – Graham Ellis, Praesidium


Using only the highest quality ingredients, combined with the unique micro-texturizing technology, Novameat’s products have opened the gateway to having all the satisfaction of meat while protecting the planet. The commercially available products are plant-chicken, plant-meat and plant-pastrami in various cuts, shapes and flavors with a plant-beef steak and plant-pork tenderloin in the final stages of development.

Novameat products are manufactured in its commercial facility in Barcelona and are available to the UK food industry as well as select Barcelona restaurants. With its broad product range, variety of cuts, shapes and flavors, Novameat’s whole cuts can easily become a daily staple, fitting into everyday dishes from curries, pies and casseroles to stir fries, wraps and tacos.


Novameat will showcase their trailblazing products on stage at Future Food-Tech San Francisco this March 16-17, as they take part in the live cook off: ‘Step Up to the Plate: Whole-Cuts’. Meet the Novameat team at booth no. 17 at the summit in San Francisco. The full program with details of the session can be found at