Wednesday March 20

Leveraging Enabling Technologies to Optimize & Scale Production
  • How are enabling technologies advancing the scale of biotechnology for food, whether shorting processes or increasing yield?
  • From growth media and cell lines to bioreactor and strain development, what are the latest developments being made when scaling alternative proteins?
  • What’s needed to further reduce costs of production, and what role do ‘picks & shovel’ technologies play in this?
  • Whether for the cell-cultivating or precision fermentation, what are the bottlenecks that face enabling technologies?

Session Chair:
Nick Cooney, Managing Partner, LEVER VC

Shannon Hall, Co-Founder & CEO, POW.BIO

Enterprise Recipe Management: Close the Gap Between R&D and Production

With the challenges of scaling that face biotechnologies, hear insights on how to leverage knowledge and technology sharing to close the gap between R&D and production in food. As companies grow from the lab to pilot stage, to industrial scale and finally to commercial manufacturing, discover how to produce quickly and efficiently when needed, and then to apply and utilize captured knowledge, when it’s time to scale-up in the next phase in the lifecycle.

Jill Powers, Vice President, Consumer Products & Retail, SIEMENS

Tackling Regulation & Legislation to Shape Consumer Perception
  • With recent regulatory approvals for cultivated products in US and Israel, but moves to ban in Italy and some US states, what impacts does this have for novel foods working to scale and commercialize?
  • What can be learned from the successful regulatory approvals, and where across the globe might we see the next approvals?
  • What does the proposed legislation mean for biotechnology for food, and how does this shape consumer opinion?
  • How can the industry work to challenge legislation and steer public perception, and more importantly how can does the sector work more closely with regulatory and legislative bodies to improve understanding around food-tech?
Campfire Sessions

In this session, delegates will break out into groups and work together to discuss potential solutions to a pressing industry problem. Each group will then present their findings at the end.

  • Digital Development to Scale from Lab to Commercial Manufacturing
    Host: Jill Powers, Vice President, Consumer Products & Retail, SIEMENS 
  • Reaching Milestones: Navigating Regulatory Approval
  • Importance of IP: Dos & Don’ts
    Host: Nick Cooney, Managing Partner, LEVER VC
Networking Break
Deal Flow & Investment Trends: Analyzing the Alt-Protein Investment Landscape
  • Hear insights on the food-tech investment landscape, digging into the detail of alt-protein deal flow over the last 12months.
  • Get a break down of the key areas where investments are happening, what are the next hot spots and what it means for the future.

Alex Frederick, Senior Analyst, Emerging Technology, PITCHBOOK 

Navigating the Path to Market for Emerging Food Technologies

Join GEA as they share insight into the road to market for emerging technologies in the food space. From infrastructure and engineering to the intricacies of optimizing facilities for higher efficiency and yield.

Arpad Csay, Senior Director New Food NA, GEA

Deep Dive: A Blueprint for the Perfect Partnership

Join Lou Cooperhouse, food industry veteran and founder/CEO of BlueNalu, as he shares his vision for strategic partnerships and open innovation, and insights that have resulted in numerous collaborations with leading multinational companies across the globe and across the value chain. Gain valuable lessons on accelerating growth and catalyzing global market entry in the evolving landscape of sustainable food production.

Lou Cooperhouse, Founder, President & CEO, BLUENALU

Campfire Sessions

In this session, delegates will break out into groups and work together to discuss potential solutions to a pressing industry problem. Each group will then present their findings at the end.

  • A Roadmap to Financing Commercial Facilities
    Host: Arpad Csay, Senior Director New Food NA,GEA
  • Molecular Farming
  • Optimizing Biotech Food Production with AI
  • Building Consumer Trust through Nomenclature & Strategy 
Building a Next-Level Facility: Infrastructure, De-Risking & Financing
  • What does it take to build a scale-up facility, and what is the best way to finance steel in the ground?
  • What are the toughest bottlenecks when it comes to engineering, construction and de-risking, and
    what innovations are providing solutions?
  • Which types of partnerships can best help navigate the transition from pilot to scale-up?

Eyal Afergan, CEO & Co-Founder, IMAGINDAIRY
Jordan Stowe, Senior Director, CSC LEASING

Closing Remarks & Networking Drinks