Press Release: Eclipse Plant-Based Ice Cream Expands National Distribution

The Groundbreaking Plant-Based Dairy Brand Launches in Los Angeles for the First Time and Expands in the San Francisco Bay Area and Washington DC.

Eclipse, the creator of the first plant-based dairy products that are indistinguishable from conventional dairy, expands distribution nationwide with new partners, and for the first time launches in Los Angeles.

Eclipse debuted their groundbreaking plant-based ice cream to much acclaim late last year with beloved brands including OddFellows in New York City and Humphry Slocombe in San
Francisco, and in Washington DC with Equinox Restaurant. For the first time, Eclipse is now bringing its revolutionary plant-based ice cream to Southern California through partnerships with artisanal ice cream brands Wanderlust Creamery and Long Beach Creamery as well as buzzy plant-based burger restaurant Honeybee Burger. In addition, Eclipse is continuing to expand its distribution in their existing footprint with new foodservice partners including local ice cream institution Mitchell’s Ice Cream, donut-ice cream favorite Milkbomb Ice Cream, brand-new Acre Pizza, and small-batch scoop shop The Good Scoop in the Bay Area, as well as local favorite Ice Cream Jubilee in Washington DC, with additional partners launching in the coming months.

Backed by Reddit co-founder and Managing Partner at Initialized Capital Alexis Ohanian, Gmail creator Paul Buchheit, and former Dreyer’s executive Eric Patel, Eclipse Foods is co-founded by two alternative protein experts, Aylon Steinhart and Thomas Bowman. Steinhart is one of the top experts in the alternative protein industry and was previously at the Good Food Institute, the leading non-profit in the plant-based space, speaking regularly on food innovation at conferences and universities such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, Berkeley and Stanford. Bowman was a chef at Michelin-starred restaurants before becoming Director of Product Development at JUST, where he created and scaled some of the best-selling plant-based products in the world such as JUST Mayos, Cookies, and Dressings.

What Makes Eclipse Different: Instead of relying on just one or two plants, Eclipse uses a unique blend of plants to replicate milk on a molecular level, creating the first true dairy replacement that tastes, feels, and functions just like conventional dairy. The process is completely revolutionary, yet uses extremely common and sustainable ingredients like corn and cassava to create milk that is indistinguishable from traditional dairy. With their first product, Eclipse is using their milk to create a liquid ice cream base that spins in any type of ice cream machine, and makes everything from soft serve to gelato and more. Since Eclipse milk [and ice cream base] is made without soy, wheat, nuts, coconut, gums, gels, stabilizers, or GMOs it’s also a much cleaner product that is free from all top common allergens. Eclipse gives people the chance to enjoy the creamy texture and indulgent flavor of ice cream without the health, environmental, and welfare issues attached to traditional dairy.

Eclipse is partnering with the following brands and restaurants to serve their plant-based ice cream:

Los Angeles:
○ Honeybee Burger (available starting 1/24): Chocolate Soft Serve
○ Wanderlust Creamery (available at all five locations through Los Angeles starting the end of Feb): Sweet Cream w/ Berry Rose Petal Jam flavor
○ Long Beach Creamery (available at all three locations through SoCal at end of February): Cashew Fennel Chip, Black Ring Coffee

New York City:
○ OddFellows (currently sold out, available again this spring): Rotating flavors

San Francisco Bay Area
○ Mitchell’s Ice Cream (currently available): Rotating ice cream flavors
○ Milkbomb (currently available): Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream
○ Acre Pizza (available starting 2/2): Chocolate soft serve
○ The Good Scoop (available now in Dixon, CA): Eggnog, Horchata, Banana, Coffee, Cookies And Cream flavors

Washington DC
○ Ice Cream Jubilee (available at all three locations in Washington DC starting 2/1): Banana Bourbon Caramel & Thai Iced Tea ice cream
○ Equinox Restaurant (currently available): Rotating ice cream flavors

Eclipse Foods will be hosting the Networking Lunch Break and serving their ice cream at Future Food-Tech San Francisco this March, 19-20.

For more information, please visit and follow them on Instagram @eclipsefoods