Roquette continues to improve plant-based cuisine

The company expands its range of NUTRALYS® plant proteins with a new specialty ingredient that helps reduce salt in plant-based meats.

NUTRALYS® L85M is immediately available in Europe and will soon come to the Americas later this year.

The NUTRALYS® range of plant protein ingredients brings different possibilities in terms of taste, nutrition and health. Thanks to its well-known expertise in food applications, Roquette is able to customize NUTRALYS® to the different functional and nutritional requirements of different food segments.

“Roquette has always been committed to developing ingredients that can be used in creating food products that are safe, healthy and delicious. Thanks to NUTRALYS® L85M, consumers will continue to enjoy meat-alternative meals with great texture and taste while taking care of their sodium intake! The NUTRALYS® range of protein ingredients makes it possible for our customers to develop new plant-based foods that are contributing to the emergence of a whole new gastronomy – a gastronomy that consumers are keen to explore”, explains Benjamin Voiry, Head of Marketing Food – Europe & Global marketing manager Savory.

Roquette has more than 40 years of experience in plant protein research and production and has always been a pioneer in the sector of plant-based specialty proteins for Food, Nutrition and Health markets.

This strong expertise allows the company to create ingredients of the highest quality that make it possible for Roquette’s customers to develop new food products. Roquette is uniquely positioned to respond to the current Food Revolution through its strong customers’ service, its ambitious investments and its drive for innovation.

Mathieu Baudouin, Head of Business Acceleration – Americas, at Roquette will be joining us at Future Food-Tech, he will be speaking on the panel discussion: New Frontiers: Developing Plant-Based Products of the Future

He will be joined by:

Session Chair:
Bruce Friedrich, Founder and Executive Director, THE GOOD FOOD INSTITUTE
Miyoko Schinner, Founder, MIYOKO’S CREAMERY
Adam Lowry, Co-Founder, RIPPLE FOODS
Rajesh Potineni, VP Taste R&DKERRY
Miguel Calatayud, CEO, iWi