Wild About Sprouts, a flagship brand of Rä Foods, today announced that Dr. Darin Detwiler will join their specialty breakout session at the Future Food-Tech conference in San Francisco. Professor and renowned food and safety expert, Detwiler was recently featured in the critically acclaimed Netflix documentary, ‘Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food.

While Detweiler famously criticized sprouts in the Poisoned documentary, he has since learned of the ground-breaking technology Wild About Sprouts developed to to eliminate pathogens. At the Future Food-Tech conference, Darren will advocate for the work Rä Foods has done to be a true catalyst of change for sprouts with Wild About Sprouts.

“Rä Foods has demonstrated one of the most significant examples in 30 years of innovation driven by food safety with Wild About Spouts,” says Darin Detwiler. “Their work has built trust with consumers and shows a tremendous amount of leadership in the food industry.”

Wild About Sprouts is pioneering the future of food safety and agricultural innovation with its patented COLD-GROWN®. An industry disruptive technology, it nurtures an environment for sprouts to grow directly in their packaging. Setting a new standard in food safety, this eliminates pathogens and contamination ensuring the product remains untouched until they reach the consumer.

“Our Wild About Sprouts brand is a gamechanger for the industry and we are excited to further enhance our products viability with renowned industry expert support,” Barry Didato, President of Rä Foods said. “Detwiler’s seal of approval is something we do not take lightly, and we are eager to share how our best practices are transforming today’s industry standard. Wellness is more than just a trend – it is the way of the future. Just a couple of ounces of sprouts daily can make a tremendous impact on a person’s health. Through our continued innovation, we hope to bring more restorative food options to consumer’s table.” 

“There are plenty of food brands claiming to be healthy and eco-friendly, but Rä Foods and Wild About Sprouts are as authentic as it gets,” Detwiler said. “Their entire process is sustainable and consumer forward, making healthy safe foods accessible to all.”

Environmentally sustainable and backed by innovative research, Rä Foods growing portfolio of brands provides wholesome, healthy, restorative food options for all. Brands include Wild About Sprouts, Mixmi Frozen Yogurt, and Wild About Bread.

About Rä Foods:

Rä Foods is a forward-thinking company passionately innovating within the wellness space through our three unique brands: Wild About Sprouts, Mixmi Frozen Yogurt, and Wild About Bread. Our mission is to enrich lives by developing wholesome, healthy and restorative food options. With a focus on human health, wellness and longevity, we are dedicated to introducing great-tasting, highly functional foods to the market, leveraging extensive research and innovation to create a future where every meal celebrates life with our nutritious offerings. Visit: https://www.rafoods.com/

About Wild About Sprouts:

Wild About Sprouts is pioneering the future of food safety and agricultural innovation with our unique, patented cold-grown process. By growing sprouts directly in their packaging, we eliminate pathogens and ensure our products remain untouched until they reach the consumer, setting a new standard in food safety. Our sustainable, controlled environment not only conserves resources but also preserves the sprouts’ high nutritional content, including the cancer-fighting compound Sulforaphane. With Wild About Sprouts, we’re not just offering a product; we’re leading a revolution in how food is grown, ensuring it’s safe, nutritious, and sustainably produced. This is a game-changer for anyone interested in health, wellness, and the future of our planet. Visit: https://www.wildaboutsprouts.com/