Feedback from presenters at recent virtual summits

“Speaking at the Future Food-Tech Alternative Protein Summit allowed Aqua Cultured Foods to showcase our fermentation based alternative seafood and increased our visibility exponentially. We have had many conversations with potential partners that I can directly tie to the opportunity that I received by participating in the summit.”


“Future Food-Tech is the number one event in the sector as far as I am concerned. It is my personal favourite not only because it provides the best possible exposure to professionals, investors and partners but also because they have the best team that puts in real effort to make the event impactful for you and your start-up.”

CEO and Co-Founder, YO EGG

“The team from Future Food-Tech were professional and fun to work with! They gave an international platform to a young start-up from South Africa that resulted in good leads and great coverage. To date it was one of the better conferences attended and the pitch platform was awesome. I am looking forward to being at the next – hopefully in person!”


“Thank you Future Food-Tech for the exposure and recognition we received following the participation in your virtual summit. We acknowledge your contribution to the food tech community, may we all stride forward together.”

CEO and Co-Founder, SAVOREAT

“Future Food-Tech’s virtual conference allowed us to present MeliBio’s technology for producing real honey without bees. The organizers did an amazing job connecting start-ups with potential partners, clients and investors. We are looking forward to any future opportunities close to our community gathered by the Future Food-Tech team.”

CEO and Co-Founder, MELIBIO

“The virtual Future Food-Tech Summit in September was a great opportunity to connect with health and food enthusiasts. Great conversations and valuable connections!”

Founder and CEO, LOEWI

“During the virtual summit I was able to meet the most relevant R&D and Innovation Directors from global companies over video, which was a great opportunity in such challenging times.”


Feedback from presenters at our physical summits

“We definitely had a great experience at the conference, it really helped us meet a ton of clients and investors.”


“We met CPT Capital for the first time after presenting at Future Food-Tech New York and they ended up investing in our round.”

Co-Founder and CEO, NEW CULTURE

“This event was a networking event on steroids for the food-tech industry! The calibre of the attendees was incredible and the conversations were very inspiring. I was able to connect with multiple potential partners in a very short time. This was my first time at Future Food Tech but will definitely be part of my yearly calendar!”


“We loved presenting in the Technology Showcase, it was extremely helpful to increase visibility of our brand and make many new connections. I would definitely recommend it for any food-tech start-up!”


“The event was very fruitful. A few new connections we made in San Francisco are still in discussions. Two of them actually signed an NDA with us for deep-dive discussions on partnerships.”


“Future Food-Tech offered a great platform to meet many stakeholders in only two days. If you’re looking for investors or strategic partners this is the place to go!”


“Future Food-Tech is the place to be for any food-tech start-up. It remains the reference event globally.”


“The talks at Future Food-Tech gave me a lot of hope regarding the future of the food industry. It’s great to see that even big corporations are putting a lot o effort to adapt changes and collaborate with start-ups to make food and the whole value chain much more sustainable.”


Press Coverage

Featured in Protein Report:

“At Future Food-Tech’s flagship summit on March 11-12, nineteen start-ups will showcase their breakthrough technologies, their transformative solutions and, above all, their passion to drive forward change across the most pressing topics in the industry: Gut Health and the Microbiome, Plant-Based Alternatives, Cell-Based Proteins, Ingredient Innovation, Food Waste and the Supply Chain.”

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Featured in Vegconomist:

“Nineteen innovative food-tech startups are preparing to showcase their technologies at the Future Food-Tech Summit. Among them are six plant-based and three cell-based companies, including Eighth Day Foods and BIOMILQ.”

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Featured in Food Business News:

“Two ingredient start-ups were named the winners of the Kellogg Co. and Unilever-sponsored Innovation Challenge at the Future Food Tech Summit on March 11.”

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Featured on Food Ingredients First:

“Future Food-Tech, a platform for disruptive businesses, is hosting a virtual summit to highlight this year’s new crop of agri-food innovation. Fifteen entrepreneurs exhibiting at the event will showcase new solutions with unique functionalities such as mood-boosting plants, protein from rapeseed waste and a preservation solution made from silk – all targeting the aim of a stronger and more sustainable food system.”

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Featured on Green Queen Media:

“The upcoming Future Food-Tech Summit taking place on December 2-3 will see some of the startups and entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of the challenge present their ideas and solutions, from upcycled food waste ingredients to sustainable food packaging. We take a look at 8 of the most promising companies and the technologies they are developing below.”

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Featured on AgFunder:

“Without further ado, here’s a start-up crib sheet to wise-up on ahead of Future Food-Tech, which includes weird and wonderful solutions like cell-based dairy, jackfruit pepperoni, shelf-stable steak, insect-based snacks, digital representation of scents and tastes, and new low-calorie sources of sugar.

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Featured on Food Ingredients First:

“Better Juice’s solution holds a lot of promise and we are confident that by combining their technology with our know-how, we can accelerate production of the first sugar-reduced orange juice.”

2019 Technology Showcase Presenter

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Featured on Food Ingredients First:

“Start-ups are continuing to drive change in the food industry thanks to their agility in responding to trends. However, they sometimes face challenges in winning over established companies to aid commercialization, as well as in convincing consumers to try less conventional offerings.”

2019 TechHub Participants

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Featured on Plant-Based News:

“There is a huge opportunity right now for brands and restaurants to listen to their audiences by expanding their plant-based offerings.”

Co-Founder, JACK AND BRY
2019 TechHub Participant

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Featured on NUTRA ingredients USA:

Nestlé Health Science will take an equity stake in Swiss life science company Amazentis and receive global rights to use Amazentis’ Urolithin A technology for dietary supplements, foods, beverages, and medical nutrition products.

2019 Technology Showcase Presenter

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Featured on Bloomberg:

“For the first time in human history, we are capable of producing real animal products without harming our environment.”

2019 Technology Showcase Presenter

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