The global supply chain faces unprecedented challenges. More than ever, there is a renewed urgency for the entire food-tech community to drive forward new technology, increase investment and above all collaboratively work together to show resiliency and provide solutions.

Our webinar series features a cross-section of the industry with global leaders and agile innovators ready to share their ideas with our network.

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Inspiring R&D Teams to Create Next Gen Products

Future Food-Tech: From The Top Down: Inspiring R&D Teams to Create Next-Gen Products

Listen to this episode from Future Food-Tech – Rethink Agri-Food Podcast Series on Spotify. Future Food-Tech events: What better conversation to kick-starting our Future Food-Tech podcast series than one that deep dives into the innovation techniques employed by several leading corporations?

With a fantastic line-up of corporate innovation leaders set to take the stage at Future Food-Tech San Francisco this year, we were really disappointed not to be able to host the panel – and our speakers agreed! So we got together and had a really insightful discussion, which we’ve recorded for you as our first Future Food-Tech podcast:

From the Top Down: Inspiring R&D Teams to Create Next Gen Products.

Hosted By:
Adam Lyle, Executive Chairman, PADANG & CO

Craig Slavtcheff, SVP, Head of Research & Development, CAMPBELL SOUP COMPANY
T.C Chatterjee, 
John Purcell, 
Head of Vegetables R&D, Crop ScienceBAYER



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