Global food leaders, groundbreaking innovators, technology adopters and ingredients companies from across the entire value chain are partnering with Future Food-Tech as a platform to showcase their technology, seek new investment and partnerships and position their company as a leader in the food-tech space.

Here we share their feedback, media announcements and case studies.

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Feedback from Partners

“Future Food-Tech is a great event that brings together all the key pieces of the food ecosystem in one place,# for two days of learning, networking and discussion. The summit is well worth the time!”

Managing Director, TYSON VENTURES

“Future Food-Tech conferences are the most valuable industry events for us. They bring together a smart, robust, and innovative audience and every conference has been a tremendous opportunity to meet experts, learn about important trends and stay connected with the pulse of the industry.”

Marketing Lead, IBM

“I found the event very effective to meet with companies that are at early stage and need support in trying to move their business to the next phase. Also it was a great environment to speak to other major food and beverage companies about their strategy in relation to how they engage with this community, and how best to support them.”

Chief Innovation Officer, KERRY

“I have been a repeat attendee, watching some of the companies progress from the ‘shark tank’ format to panel representatives, which I think helps you understand who is ‘making it’, and who is worth having a serious conversation with. The forum allows for formal and informal conversations, as well as follow-ups, which I think is fantastic.”

VP Global Innovation & Nutrition, KELLOGG’S

“As was the case in San Francisco, we found the summit in New York to be a very well-attended event and one that we are extremely happy and proud that we sponsored.  The amount of networking and connections we made were extremely helpful and we are extremely happy that we came.”


“Future Food-Tech has allowed Pilot Lite Ventures to have an accelerated and highly impactful set of meetings with the relevant seniority within top Fortune 200 companies globally.”


“Future Food-Tech has grown to become one of the most important platforms for all players in the food venturing ecosystem.”

Senior Investment Manager, DSM VENTURING

“Future Food-Tech is where you’ll learn where the future of food is heading. Thought leaders, thought provoking and ample opportunity to meet with everyone in the ecosystem supporting the future of food.”

Investment Director, ADM

“We had the opportunity to engage first hand with decision makers and interested parties from investors through to companies and individuals that were interested in our suite of products.”

Co-Founder, TAMU GROUP

Press Coverage

Food Navigator

“Decentralisation can also help make personalisation and customisation more affordable. Imagine a future world where food is produced much more regionally, much more locally, and it is done in a high-tech way so it is more adapted to the food needs and preferences of that region.”

Founder and CEO, TERVIVA

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Food Navigator

“Sustainability is a consideration in all of the investments we make. We won’t be able to hit some of the audacious goals that we have set out for the organisation unless we do make investments and build more partnerships.”

Managing Director, TYSON VENTURES

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Food Navigator

“We have identified plant-based alternatives seafood as the most promising option in the near future with regards to capturing market share from conventional seafood for three reasons: It is cheaper due to simpler supply chain, it has less impact through shorter logistic routes and its durability and energy efficiency due to less refrigeration needed. ”

Managing Partner, HATCH

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