Touch, Taste and Smell the Future of Food at Future Food-Tech

The wait is almost over to experience food-tech first-hand and meet face to face with the founders behind the innovative technologies.

Future Food-Tech this March 24-25 has a high-impact program filled with visionary leaders, early-stage start-up pitches, small breakout discussions… and a full menu of future foods.

“After three years hearing about the latest emerging technologies, flavor combinations and breakthroughs in food-tech, I can’t wait to experience so many of these novel foods for the first time at the summit in San Francisco,” shares Jet Luckhurst, Start-Up Partnerships Manager, Future Food-Tech.

Throughout the summit innovative food companies are working with the organizers of Future Food-Tech and the hotel’s chef to incorporate innovative foods and new products:

Impossible Foods’ plant-based meat, Motif FoodWorks’ burgers, meatballs and alternative meat products, Next Meats’ Next Yakiniku Short Rib 1.1, Shandi Global’s chicken, ENOUGH’s whole chicken filets, Triton Algae Innovations plant-based tuna appetizers, Bespoken Spirits’ summit-exclusive whiskey, Terviva’s Ponova oil from legume tree crops…. and many more still being confirmed!

NEW: Taste Lab

Making its debut at Future Food-Tech, the Taste Lab is where small groups of delegates will be able to attend product launches and tastings of some of the most talked-about novel foods.

Remilk uses microbial fermentation to craft dairy proteins that are identical to their traditional cow-derived counterparts, in a unique, proprietary process. Serving dairy created using microbial fermentation

Aviv Wolff, CEO and Co-Founder: “Our team of experts are crafting mouth-watering surprises for Future Food-Tech! For the first time ever you’ll be able to taste delicious dairy products showcasing our protein’s versatility and awesome flavor. We can’t wait to share them with you!”

Superbrewed Food‘s Cultured Protein is made from specific protein specialist microflora which when naturally fermented, washed and dried, produce a whole food protein powder that delivers 80% protein and superior levels of essential vitamins and minerals. Serving microbial fermented protein milk

Bryan Tracy, CEO and Co-Founder: “Superbrewed Food produces a minimally processed cultured protein that is scalable, nutrient-rich, affordable, sustainable and delivers an extremely high yield — nearly a 50% conversion on glucose.”

Incredible Foods has designed a technology platform, FoodBerryTM, which uses protective layers like the skin of a grape or peel of an orange to turn delicious whole foods into the form of a berry. Serving FoodBerriesTM flavors – from pineapple and mango, to humous and roasted red pepper – all in the form of berries

Marty Kolewe, CEO: “Incredible Foods is innovating a new kind of food, where convenience doesn’t come with a health or environmental price. Starting with snacking, we are on a mission to transform the way we eat, for the good of people and the planet.”

v2food is developing a range of plant-based meat products that taste great for all consumers. Serving its plant-based chicken nuggets, and fennel & cranberry sausage rolls

Voyage Foods offers sustainable and scalable versions of beloved foods, without compromising individual health or the planet that are almost identical in taste and nutrition. Serving peanut-free spread, peanut butter cups with chocolate and peanut-free spread, cocoa-free chocolate and coffee-free brew

Plantish is on a mission to create boneless fish whole-cuts made entirely out of plants. Offering a culinary and technology experience serving exclusive tastings of Plantish SalmonTM

Ron Sicsic, Co-Founder and CSO: “Without compromising on taste and texture, we built a proprietary technology to tackle the structure of fish, to create a whole-cut, boneless fillet. We are building a new generation of seafood that tastes, looks, and behaves like the real thing.”

Pairwise uses gene editing to create enticing and novel varieties of fruits and vegetables, and to make raw crops, like corn and wheat, more efficient and resilient for farmers to grow. Serving gene edited lettuce

Tom Adams, CEO: “What would you call colorful, luxe salad greens that are both nutrient-dense and craveable? Well, we call them the future of healthy eating and we can’t wait to open your eyes to a new world of leafy green possibilities at Future Food-Tech this March!”

Thimus helps the world better understand humans via neuroscience. Showcasing its new hardware and software platform for quick evaluation of human response to food experiences.

Mario Ubiali, Founder and CEO: “We will demonstrate how we can support product development and consumer science by deploying an accurate and yet portable and easy to deploy tool to instantly read interest, liking and acceptance of food products, plus integrated oral processing data on chewing dynamics. Senior attendees who are seeking better, deeper insights on human interaction with new food products and extremely time-resolved insights will find this new approach flexible and reliable.”

LIVE ON STAGE: Step-Up to the Plate

Six innovators take to the summit stage, to cook and prepare alternative ingredients alongside chefs and the company Founders.

MeliBio honey matches and improves upon the molecular composition of bee-made honey. Live cooking demonstration with alternative honey 

Darko Mandich: “MeliBio saves wild bees by pioneering the world’s first real honey made without bees: an accomplishment recognized by TIME’s Best Inventions of 2021. We offer a heroic partnership with food, beverage and cosmetics companies on the same quest and empower CPG industries to use superior MeliBio honey. Buzzing to meet you at Future Food-Tech!”

QOA has developed future-proof chocolate using precision fermentation. Live cooking demonstration with alternative chocolate

Maximilian Marquart, Co-Founder and CEO: “We are working full-steam ahead on our product: Fermenting, roasting and baking as never before to get it ready for Future Food-Tech. It is going to be the most chocolatey, 100% cocoa-free treat that has ever been created! Stay tuned!”

Umiami uses an unprecedented technique to texturize plant proteins. Its process is the first in the world to create thick fibrous chicken breasts at scale. Live cooking demonstration with plant-based chicken whole cuts

Evo Foods is using cutting edge science and technology to create a next generation of plant-based substitutes for animal products leveraging indigenous crops from India for the world. Evo currently makes a plant-based egg out of moong beans, chickpeas and peas grown in India. Live cooking demonstration to debut its plant-based eggs

Sundial Foods uses a unique macro and microstructural engineering approach to create an ethically and environmentally friendly plant-based meat alternative. Live cooking demonstration with plant-based chicken wings

Meati Foods uses proprietary, clean technologies to provide nutritious, fungi-based protein. Live cooking demonstration of mycelium whole cuts

ON THE MENU: Novel Foods and Technology

Throughout the two days, the summit menu will feature a cross-section of future foods for delegates to sample.


Kellogg Company is one of the original wellbeing companies, and one of the largest plant-based food companies. Hosting a Breakfast Briefing with cereal-based products served

Current Foods’ smoked salmon and Eat Just’s eggs


Each day the lunch will be hosted by emerging food-tech brands:

Lumi Foods marries traditional cheesemaking methods with scientific innovation to elevate the taste, texture and performance of plant-based cheeses. Serving cheese boards

Current Foods creates the next generation of seafood with plants and biotechnology. Serving plant-based, sushi grade raw tuna and salmon 


Atomo Coffee has reverse-engineered the coffee bean; producing delicious coffee without the bean with +90% reduction in carbon footprints, and no deforestation. Serving molecular coffee

Andy Kleitsch, CEO and Co-Founder: “We are at a crux right now, where we are changing how we deal with the problems of the planet. And it’s teams like ours that are re-writing the rules on how we are going to live for the next several hundred years. There was no other good alternative to supply coffee… until Atomo was invented.”

Epogee’s flagship product, EPG, is a fat alternative derived through a ground-breaking food technology that delivers the sensory and functional benefits of traditional fats with dramatically fewer calories and no trade-offs with taste or texture. Showcasing peanut butter cups formulated with its fat alternative, EPG

David Rowe, Founder and President: “We believe attendees at Future Food-Tech will find the taste, texture, mouthfeel and appearance of our peanut butter cups to be superior to the industry standard. Even better, total calories and saturated fats will be reduced by 35% to 50%.”

Pivot Bio is improving crop nutrition and forging a path to better yields, healthier soils, and a cleaner future. Serving popcorn, with maize kernels grown on a farm using its microbial nitrogen fertilizer

Loliware is addressing the adverse effects of climate change by capturing carbon through its responsible seaweed supply chain and replacing plastic products on a large scale to avoid emissions. Serving drinks with The LOLIWARE Straw 2.0

Meet hundreds of food-tech pioneers at Future Food-Tech in San Francisco (and online) on March 24-25. The summit will bring together investors, food brands, retailers, ingredient manufacturers and technology providers for two days of high impact networking and knowledge-exchange to accelerate technologies across the agri-food supply chain.

The full program, speaking faculty and delegate registration are available now at

Written By Laura Hodgkiss, Marketing Manager, Future Food-Tech Series