Microbial Fermentation Pre-Summit Workshop Hosted at IndieBio

Gain an in-depth understanding of microbial fermentation from leading experts in San Francisco this March, with a half-day pre-summit workshop ahead of Future Food-Tech. Hosted at IndieBio, the workshop will explore the scale up of microbes, fermentation and the next generation of novel foods, on Wednesday March 23 (1-5pm). Limited to 100 places.

Join us to learn first-hand how Culture Biosciences, ZX VenturesSuperbrewed Food and Fluid Quip Technologies are overcoming production bottlenecks to meet increasing demand; hear about the strategies deployed by Perfect Day and Nature’s Fynd to launch new products and uncover the latest investment opportunities in novel technologies with IndieBio and Mayfield.

Hear from the Speakers:

“I’m looking forward to this opportunity to share Perfect Day’s perspective on extending the impact of our technology, as well as hearing from others who are our peers in this mission. We’ve been hard at work gathering consumer insights to inform our path forward, and I’m excited to share those learnings and to deepen our understanding of the research through the added perspective of others.” Allison Fowler, CMO, PERFECT DAY

“The biggest hurdle when we talk about scalability in the alternative protein space is not just scaling production, but commercialization. This entails regulatory considerations, consumer transparency and differentiation in the marketplace, particularly in terms of nutrition and functionality. Superbrewed Food has unlocked these critical barriers to produce a minimally processed cultured protein that is scalable, nutrient-rich, affordable, sustainable and delivers an extremely high yield — nearly a 50% conversion on glucose.” Bryan Tracy, Co-Founder and CEO, SUPERBREWED FOOD

“Collaboration and open communication across all aspects of the value chain drive innovation and acceptance of novel approaches. As producers continue to identify hurdles to scale up, it becomes clear that innovative solutions will come from collaborative relationships in the manufacturing space where shared expertise accelerates solutions.” Sebastian Bohn, Project Manager, Alternative Proteins, CRB

“In a world that is long carbohydrates and short protein, we are excited to engage with key innovators in the alternative protein space, and more broadly in the synthetic biology arena. These food production transformations are producing products that are nourishing both people and the planet.” Timothy Bauer, General Manager, FLUID QUIP TECHNOLOGIES

Delegates can add the Pre-Summit Workshop to their cart when registering to attend the Future Food-Tech summit.