Interactive Workshop with Government of Saskatchewan
Scaling Alternative Proteins: ‘Moonshots’ Begin From Terra Firma

Join us for a detailed overview and deep-dive discussion on exciting new protein and developments in fermentation coming out of Saskatchewan – one of Canada’s brightest agtech and agri-food clusters.

“Saskatchewan has all the ingredients for your company to achieve success. Top quality inputs, a dynamic and collaborative environment, research talent and central access to North American markets. If you are starting your ‘moonshot’, you want to check out what this chunk of ‘Terra Firma’ has to offer!” Ron Kehrig, Deputy Director, Investment, Province of Saskatchewan

Four presenters will outline capabilities and new programs in omics, proteins, fermentation, meat analogs and discuss the support that’s available for start-ups and small businesses.

Why should you join?

Saskatchewan is home to over 40% of Canada’s arable land and a global leader in almost every key area of agtech and food technology – from autonomous farming, genomics, inoculants to new meat analogs, fermented foods, quinoa and oat beverages. We have an advanced understanding of plant genetics and soil-microbe interactions leading to improved sustainability. This workshop will give you an understanding of Saskatchewan’s strategic position for supplying alternative plant proteins.

Conceptual links between agtech, genomics, sustainable and scaled plant production systems, and quality food tech products are hot topics. But there are few places in the world where these components come together at such a high level. Come see what new capabilities we are developing with alternative proteins and fermented foods and the supports we make available to start-ups.

The world has never been more aware of the importance of the agri-food industry. Although communication and supply-chains have been challenged during the pandemic, the industry prevails thanks to innovation and technology.

When it comes to innovation, we must think strategically. Making connections is a crucial aspect of business strategy, and this workshop will help you make key connections in Saskatchewan!

Who is this workshop for?

Whether you are involved in a start-up, CPG company or an investor, you know that teamwork and technology is needed to achieve business success. We invite you to attend this workshop to meet new potential teammates.

Get involved:

Join live for the discussion and speaker/audience interaction at the summit.

Pack your bags with ‘virtually nothing’ and join us for a warm, winter visit of Saskatchewan’s renowned agtech and food-tech cluster.

The workshop is included as part of your registration for Future Food-Tech