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Future Food-Tech returns to San Francisco March 19-20, 2020.

The Summit is acclaimed as the most international gathering of food business leaders, VC investors and food-tech innovators to transform innovation and investment in food.
Join us at Future Food Tech London, October 17-18






Don’t just take our word for it – here is what Future Food-Tech 2018 delegates had to say:

“The entrepreneurial spirit around new science, technology and future food concepts was inspiring and inviting, not only to make new connections, but also seriously consider collaborations leverage options.” Head Science & Technology, Nestle

“I found the event very effective to meet with companies that are at early stage but who need support in trying to move their business to the next phase. Also was a great environment to discuss with other major Food and beverage companies regarding their strategy in relation to how the engage with this community and how best to support them.” Chief Innovation Officer, Kerry

“I very much appreciated these two days. Very well prepared and animated! The format was excellent with a good balance between innovators’ and investors’ presentations.” R&D Director, Danone

“I found the Future Food-Tech summit very relevant to grounding in strategy for identifying and partnering with early stage technology investors and start-ups. There was a lot of recognition of the commercialization issues that are relevant to a large global player like PepsiCo, while at the same time the enthusiasm for innovation, and specifically disruptive innovation, was highlighted. A great balance when looking to the future of innovation in the food industry.” Global Head of Technology Scouting, PepsiCo

“An unparalleled group of industry leaders and entrepreneurs revolutionising our food system. The ability to bear witness to this intersection of minds and perspectives is insightful and productive as we evaluate the most promising investment opportunities.” Managing Director, Cultivian Sandbox

“Future Food-Tech conferences are the most valuable industry events for us. They bring together a smart, robust, and innovative audience and every conference has been a tremendous opportunity to meet experts, learn about important trends, and stay connected with the pulse of the industry.” Marketing Lead, IBM

“Future Food-Tech was a peek into the most cutting-edge, thought-leading innovations surrounding food, nutrition, and sustainability. The intersection of various subsegments of the food and health industries powered an enlightening and inspiring conversation.”

Director of Retail Nutrition, KROGER HEALTH

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