Ilan Samish, Founder & CEO at Amai Proteins, participated in the 2018 Technology Showcase at Future Food-Tech showcasing his innovative healthy sweet proteins as a sugar substitute.

This September, Amai Proteins won Israel’s top start-up competition out of 200 competing start-ups, which is the first time a food-tech start-up has won the award. As his success continues, we spoke to Ilan to find out about his experiences since presenting at the summit.

Why did you decide to present your solution at Future Food-Tech?

Future Food-Tech is by far the world’s leading conference series for startups to meet large food and beverage multinationals and investors alike. I have attended Future Food-Tech conferences in NYC, London, San-Francisco and now also in Singapore.

How did you benefit from presenting your solution to this particular audience?

The wide exposure at the Future Food-Tech conferences enabled Amai to reach the top-brass of the world’s leading food and beverage multinationals and yielded several Joint Development Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements and investments – all things that were both ignited during the conferences and materialized partly during follow-up events. This includes on-stage exposure, and, possibly more important, the networking events and 1-1 meetings.

If you could give one piece of advice to a company that is considering participating in the Technology Showcase at Future Food-Tech, what would it be?

Come prepared and without jet lag. Make sure you come prepared for your pitch, have a deep learning of the audience and understand what is relevant for the 1-1 meetings at the summit.

What’s next for Amai Proteins?

Amai is curing our food system one protein at a time. Amai is currently focused on scale-up and regulatory clearance of the first healthy sweeteners that Amai produced. In addition, Amai is expanding the portfolio of designer proteins and the related products that benefit from them. In all these aspects Amai includes a focus on synergistic business development ties with the top partners, that are all attending the Future Food-Tech conferences.

About Amai Proteins

Amai Proteins produces healthy sweet proteins as a sugar substitute. The sweeteners are healthy (zero calories, zero glycemic-index), widely food-compatible, cost-effective, non-GMO and taste like sugar. Using Agile-Integrative Computational Protein Design (AI-CPD) and production via fermentation, the proprietary proteins are adjusted from the equatorial paradise to the harsh environment of food. Find out more at

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